Update from Atlanta

Here are some adorable pics from Crissy Inman, my twin, who is in the last picture with me. We are so twinsies but of course she is MUCH YOUNGER! She’s like my daughter!

Since I wasn’t able to attend the Leslie and the Lys concert Monday, they got me a gem sweater!! It’s very fashionable and super M.I.A. “All I wanna do (bang bang bang bang) and take your money”

These are the beautiful baby gays of ATL… at Kyle’s awesome house. Pics from Crissy:







16 thoughts on “Update from Atlanta

  1. Margaret….Would love to invite you to a rooftop cocktails on Saturday night. Top of the Glenn Hotel with a fabulous view of downtown Atlanta….it’s my girlfriends birthday. Dinner to follow.

  2. Margaret,
    I’ve been trying to keep up with you (sort of) on Twitter while you are working in Atlanta. So, one day if you see an ‘extra’ on the set carrying a turnip, that will be me. I thought your turnip might be lonely. I worked one day on the pilot and one day on the first episode…….no Cho.

  3. Margaret you are so amazing and it is such a pleasure to have you in Atlanta! Saw you and your friends at Roller Derby but didn’t want to harass you with my fan rabies… OMG! It’s Margaret Cho! You’re so AWESOME! (embarrassed geek-out) Chrissy is super cute just like you!

  4. i tried to steal her yellow sweater the other day. if you see that bish wearing that cute thang, snag it for me?

  5. Hey Margaret,
    If you get a chance check this out….http://artcentric.wordpress.com/
    When you came on the scene it was like an affirmation of so much shit I had been through growing up. Thanks and love the quirky new tunes!
    P.S. I live in Atlanta and would love to take you out for Korean on Buford HWY. Hit me up!

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