Hey Big Dog

Here is me and Amanda Palmer singing “Hey Big Dog” at SXSW. I wrote the song with Patty Griffin and it’s an imagined duet between myself and my big dog, Ralph. Amanda sings the Ralph part just beautifully. She really makes me cry. It’s so tender and sweet. Like I really am singing to my wonderful baby dog, and I only made one guitar mistake.

13 thoughts on “Hey Big Dog

  1. My friends and I saw you perform this at Treasure Island in Minnesota on April 4th. I loved it!!!! It made me miss my pup like crazy and I can’t stop thinking about how I’m her “big human mama”.
    Great job on the whole show!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! *YOU* are sooooo impressive to me, Margaret…you try to hide it ~ but I *KNOW* guitar is THE MOST DIFFICULT INSTRUMENT TO LEARN. The fact that you even attempted it is amazing ~ the fact that you play better than most, sing BEAUTIFULLY and write great sounds that are both touching, heartfelt and funny enough to make people LOL, well…I just don’t have a good enough compliment to put here. Just sayin’ ~ you’re not foolin’ anyone! ~ the stuff you have accomplished is next to impossible for most people :)~~ I am so proud of ma gurl. *Kisses!* see you in Cleveland on 10/5/12!!!! xo~Mara

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