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  1. OMG! It was amazing to see both of you out there in Sac on Monday advocating for equality! You are both amazing!!!

  2. LOVE you both!!! Saw each of you at Milwaukee Pridefest and thought you were both hilarious. Anytime a show features either of you, I’ll be watching!

  3. Margaret,

    You’re a gem! Just saw you on “Cat on the Prowl” and you made my dreary day a whole lot better. Thank you.

    Keep on being who you are even if it means the Hannah Montana Mafia feels threatened by you. Forget them, they only wish Hannah Montana had as much talent as Tiffany during her mall tour days. 😉

  4. Thanks for posting those pics Margaret. My partner, Todd, and I loved your show at Silver Legacy, in Reno, last November! We also got to meet Ian and his lovely GF Sarah.

    Now we get to see Wanda in Reno, next month! Yay!

  5. this is a beautiful site – m.cho, i would have loved to see you appear in one of those “gay” commercials! (the one wanda & duff did)

    love you.

  6. Both you and Wanda are AWESOME!!! Over the years you’ve both brought such joy to my life every time I watch you!! May you two continued to be blessed…………………..

  7. Margaret! Thank you again for coming to Sac to show your support. You crack me up with your songs! lol. Good thing the sign language interpreters were there. Or I wouldn’t have gotten the lyrics 😉 You rock! And Wanda Sykes too! Luv you guys!

  8. Oh wow.. that would have been a sight to see .. my two favorite comediennes on stage together!! You two definitely should tour together, or at least look for a project together.

    So.. any plans on visiting London again soon? LOL I remember your rants a few years back about how boring it is.. but I know I’d love to see you live. I’ve been watching you perform since BEFORE ‘All American Girl’. 😉

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