Liberate the Vagina Show

There are few things I hate more than ignorance and one of them is overly cold air conditioning during the winter. I am one of those people who is always cold. I am freezing all the time. My hands and feet are like blocks of ice and during the winter I am always completely bundled up head to toe. I think I must be part lizard or something because when it is cold outside, I am practically incapacitated. I need to stay on a hot rock or something until spring comes.

My hates collided when I did an episode of the TV show, The Doctors. I was asked to host the show because of my extensive interest in/knowledge of the vagina. I think it’s very exciting for a mainstream TV show like this to want to do an entire episode based on the vagina and to ask someone like me, a real ‘expert’ on the subject, to play co-host. It was really pretty fun, except for the fact that it was totally freezing outside and the air conditioning inside was cranked up as high as it could go. Everyone was cold! I was so cold that I got a temperature migraine on one side of my head. If you watch the trailer, you can see even though it was cold, I still managed to get some zingers in.

You can imagine how disappointed I was to hear that the show was never aired because the powers that be at the networks thought that it was too racy! That is ludicrous and ignorant and perpetuates the ‘mystery’ of the vagina! How are we supposed to learn about our bodies if we aren’t even allowed to discuss them in detail? The show was set up so that women could talk to each other frankly about what is going on down there, and if we aren’t able to bring up the subject even in a medical context, when can we bring it up? I think it is a great disservice to women to silence us when we attempt to share truths about our bodies.

Are we supposed to believe that our bodies are somehow wrong and dirty and bad because we are female? This kind of thinking is archaic and misogynist. I expect better from the world, and certainly more from television. Turn the a/c off and turn your minds on!

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  1. That is so awesome! It a shame it didnt air, it looks great. As if there werent stuff like that on TV already. They just dont like it because it contains the dreaded V-word. VAGINA!

  2. Yeah, I’d say commercials for My Bloody Valentine that aired on network tv were a whole lot more racy and offensive than talking about the vag. It’s a shame that they can show clips of women fucking then getting massacred but not honest talk about our bodies.

    I wonder if they’d nix a penis show? Probably would.

  3. Anything to shame us, I guess. Vaginas are dirty! Women are dirty! Stay in the house where you belong! Good fucking God. It’s positively archaic.

  4. hey M,

    More corporate bullshit. I’m going to make a campaign, lawn sign and put it in front of my house.

    It will read: “elect VAGINA for Secretary of the Interior”. Think anyone wll notice?

    Cheers x

  5. Fight it and fight it hard… no pun intended… well wait, wrong pun anyway… because censorship is unAmerican… body shame is inhuman… and your va-jay-jay deserves airtime. Remember, she said it needs to breathe!

    I’m behind ya girlfriend

  6. I hate that fucking show! They regularly give out misinformation. They did a show about birth that made it seem like home birth isn’t safe and didn’t talk about all the great reasons to learn about natural childbirth and see if it’s the best option for you. Grrr. I am totally surprised they had you on and hope this show airs. You rock!

  7. I abhore censorship. I think it’s terrible that the show didn’t air and what’s worse is they’re not posting the show online.

    I needed the VAGINA show growing up… hell, I need the VAGINA show now! I was 25 before I learned that I had something down there and what it was really called. My Mother always taught me that it was “My AREA”….don’t touch your AREA, don’t let anyone else touch your AREA, it’s YOUR AREA, clean your AREA because it’s dirty. You can imagine how I laughed and snickered in geometry class when my teacher told us to calculate AREA! You know, the way you laugh and snicker when the teacher calls out the kid named DICK. Then I go to college and laugh again in art class when the prof tells us to clean up our AREA. But I was always the only one laughing and snickering. WTF!?? I thought everyone called it their AREA. According to my Mother, men had their own AREA too. Geez, I’m over 40 and I still call it my AREA. My boyfriend now calls it my AREA. No wonder my sex life sucks ass. It’s a VAGINA Dammit! There, now I can say it proudly. VAGINA…VAGINA…VAGINA!!! Whew!

  8. This reeks of the Victorian Age when doctors couldn’t examine women “down there” even to ascertain if they were pregnant. Thanks anyway for airing this clip. It looked like fun!

  9. That show looks like the sex-ed class many of us never had and NEEDED! We need the facts to be healthy and the power to know about our vaginas! Margaret, you are amazing and I am glad you spoke up for pubic hair. i`ve always enjoyed other women who have it long or just slightly trimmed.

    Also, to everyone, what do you call your vagina?

  10. It shows that there are some barriers that some want left up. Great real people! This needs to be talked about!

  11. So, we can have Victoria’s Secret commercials that are racy. We can have Cialis and Viagra (if you have an erection for more than 4 hours…). We can have all kinds of sex sells on tv but we can’t have real information on TV.

    Because it makes men squirm??? ARE you fucking kidding me? What year is it 1950????

    (Don’t you just love watching the VIVA VIAGRA fucking commercials!)

  12. I was wondering what happened when I tuned in to watch the show and they weren’t talking about vagina’s. I even visited their website for the first time to see if I missed it or what. I saw tons of ads for it for two weeks and was looking forward to seeing you and seeing if there was anything left for me to learn.
    I don’t know what the exec’s were afraid of since the show doesn’t air without a warning to make sure your kids are out of the room.

  13. Ugh. Some of these comments got me thinking about my own sex ed. They didn’t tell us about the clitoris! Imagine when, at 16, I fucking FINALLY masturbating for the first time. Holy shit!

    I think we should institute vagina day. We’ll all go around talking about our vaginas!

  14. I’m a lucky bitch! I’m in Mexico and we have The American Network and I TOTALLY saw this episode, in it’s entirety and I loved it!

    The only thing I would have changed is letting you have more airtime.

    Love you Margaret!

    Muchos besos desde Mexico! It’s nice and warm here, COME VISIT ANYTIME!

  15. ALSO! I recite your stuff non stop and my mother is like “What are you talking about? Who the hell is Scott? I never gave you rice for glue!” and I always tell her “nevermind, it’s Margaret Cho’ but once she saw this episode she said “NOOOOOOW I understand why you love Margaret Cho!”

  16. What’s really shameful is that this show won’t even be aired on the Net.
    ED meds all over the place, no matter what the TV show…but no informative and fun show about a body part that belongs to the majority of people on the frackin’ planet???
    Hypocrisy: Yet another reason to boycott Corporate TV.
    If they aired this show in Mexico, then it must be uploaded somewhere.
    BitTorrent Airlines, here I come!!

  17. Why is it that we have Viagra/Cialis commmercials 24/7 and “male enhancement” every time I turn around but you can’t even mention the Vagina? It’s sexism, like always.

  18. yet isn’t one of the hosts of the show (on non gyno days) one of the past bachelors? if anything should be censored it’s that bachelor crap. not that censorship x2 equals good. still the end result here is not the vagina dialogues, but rather very literally a teaser only. well thankfully everyone can learn about vaginas by watching brady bunch reruns. top notch medical information on there. it’s always vagina vagina vagina.

  19. I actually agree with Stana. I don’t like that show.

    But that’s a little crazy that they didn’t air that episode. The woman on the show is an OBGYN! frikkin-a It’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around the fact that a MEDICAL show doesn’t want to talk about the human body.

  20. DR RAND PINK AND HBO I have exciting news Dr Rand Pink the celebrity gynecologist has gotten a greenlight for his show Love Stinks about his life as a widowed gynecologist reentering the dating world after 14 years of marriage

    Pink wrote a dating trilogy I’m A Gynecologist Looking For An Opening, I’m Not That Into You That’s My Medical Instrument and You Remind Me Of My Mother Because You Taste Like Brisket

  21. now … I like the dick. I love the dick. But why is that I saw that cute doctor on television talk about enlarging ” that certain part of the male anatomy’ ( are they talking about their buttholes?) … on the Doctors? … why is too racy to talk about the vagina? I can sit through all kinds of commercials about constipation, jock itch, leaking maxi pads, stopping one’s period, starting one’s period, crotch hair,making ‘that certain part of the male anatomy” (Come on, say it, Claire!) … all kinds of nasty assed stuff involving the crotch and wht comes out of it or goes into it – but having a nice vag chat is ‘too racy’

  22. DAMN!

    OK – first of all, Margaret Cho you are the alt Oprah and you know it. Thank Goddess for you!!! You’re a riot, honest, accepting of all and have common sense. Plus, you are kinky and beautiful.

    Well, the show is kind of lame – that cocky doctor dude gets on my nerves – he thinks he’s the cat’s ass. And the info they all spout is more often than not simplistic and obvious and clearly in favor of male-oriented conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry shareholders. But this episode is probably super entertaining and informative, or at least it would get women talking. It will air someday, hopefully soon.

    Did they give stuffed vag pillows and cotton Monday thru Sunday undies out to everyone?

    Having just had a baby 9 months ago, I can tell you that we know SO VERY LITTLE ABOUT OUR EQUIPMENT IT IS SHOCKING. Sure, we know more than our mothers and grandmothers, but we are still kept in the dark about so many things.

    For example, did you know:

    – Kegel exercises are necessary for vaginal strength, increased sexual response and to prevent the – very common – loss of bladder control as women age, have kids, etc. There are weighted barbell-shaped devices that can be used.

    – In fact, the progesterone and other hormones flowing through your body, especially during pregnancy, can cause loss of bladder control when you sneeze or cough (!) and can also affect your libido tremendously (super horny vs. completely disinterested – men, please take note, and also know that the baby CANNOT see or feel your massive penis. You will not be bouncing against its head).

    – Breastfeeding affects libido!!! Seriously diminishes it. Sorry, it’s true. At the same time, the nipple stimulation can cause pleasurable clitoral sensations. Weird.

    – The clitoris enlarges when excited, just like a mini-penis, and it is like the tip of a submerged iceberg (there’s a lot more going on inside). Some believe it is very much like a penis, except the nerves are more concentrated.

    – Clitorectomies – savage mutilations of the genital region – are routinely carried out in many parts of the world (this disfigures and ruins women). UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    – Most porn is designed by and for men, which is why it is often a turn-off to women. (Women need some context, build-up and conflict and find “the jackhammer” to be pedestrian.) Some women are turned on by gay porn, though this is not as well-known as the fact that men like lesbian porn.

    – Men: please know that you can touch women all over. You do not have to press the button like you just wish the elevator would get here already.

    – History: some guy tried to get an anullment from his wife during the Victorian era because she had pubic hair! He had no idea that women were human, since his only image of women came from chaste, hairless, sanitized artwork, sculptures, ignorance, and religion.

    – Story: A young man and woman fell madly in love. They decided to “wait” and stay chaste for their wedding day. The man turned out to be more than well-endowed, and the woman was more petite than expected. Sex was so painful that it caused a huge rift between them. Lesson? PREMARITAL SEX. This goes for gay marriage, too. (I believe we will see acceptance of gay marriage very soon.) Sex is very important to any relationship, however it is expressed.

    – The most popular/best vibrator out there is called the Rabbit. Other interesting technologies have produced The Tongue and the Sybian (ride em, cowgirl!) Pthalates are harmful chemicals found in many sex toys. Look for silicone and the newest material, elastomer. Some cheap vibrators actually cause a numbing lack of response. Dildos don’t vibrate. Visit Babeland or Good Vibrations for more info. If you haven’t explored sex toys, you’ll have your mind blown, among other things. Of course, if you are on Margaret’s site, I’m preaching to the choir, am I right?

    – Rumor has it that some who are hairless down there naturally have had hair transplants done.

    – Yes, some people sell/buy used underwear online. There must be a market for dirty sox and empty tuna cans.

    – If you try to bleach your coochbob, you can seriously burn yourself.

    – NEVER put food in your vajayjay. Not even a stick of gum. You can get a horrible yeast infection.

    – You used to have to get a prescription for every single bout of yeast. Can you imagine? Make an appointment. Go down to the doctor’s office. Find parking. Do the exam. Wait for the result. Take the prescription to the drugstore. Now, you can buy Monistat at the supermarket. To prevent yeast overgrowth (that is what the infection is, an imbalance), take probiotics, lay off the sugar, white flour and other simple carbs and drink UNSWEETENED cranberry juice (at least not that toxic “cocktail” made with HFCS).

    – Clitoral rings and other piercings are designed to enhance the sexual experience, but may cause severe infections and gruesome accidents. They can also cause ecstasy.

    – Ben Wa balls are two small hollow weighted balls that you insert in your cookiemuffin to enjoy the rolling movement. We don’t hear enough about them.

    – Think before you kink. Lots of ideas for BDSM (bondage/domination/sado-masochism) SOUND great, but are tricky to execute. Look up Mistress Matisse for details. If Madonna was actually subjected to real BDSM, it would wipe that smirk off her face.

    – For example, some people enjoy what’s called fisting. I say you may as well call it childbirth, but to each his/her own.

    – Transgender is the state of one’s “gender identity”. Transsexualism is a condition in which an individual identifies with a physical sex different from the one they were born with. Transvestites are usually men who wear women’s clothing (they are not always gay). Again, preaching to the choir, I know.

    – They can do a surgery to turn a penis into vagina by creating a sleeve.

    – Waxing the “area” is much harder on women with darker, coarser hair and can cause scarring. But laser/electrolysis is easier on such women.

    – Many men are ok with no grooming while others expect it. Yet unless gay, they rarely groom themselves.

    – What you eat can affect your scent. Just ask a vegetarian or vegan.

    – When you ovulate, you sometimes pass a clear, jelly-like substance.

    – They can do ultrasounds through your cha-cha using a long wand (surprise!)

    – The vagina is like a vertical accordian and opens up for birth, only to “snap back” afterwards. Some women do opt for tightening surgeries anyway. Generally, it adapts, though.

    – If you stimulate the G-spot correctly, a woman may actually “female ejaculate”! This isn’t urine, even though many make that assumption. If you can handle it, google it.

    – Newborn infant girls sometimes have mini-periods due to the extra hormones in their systems soon after birth. They can even lactate a little. No joke.

    – The pill, patch, shot, etc. all seriously mess with your hormones – a delicate, complex system we still don’t know enough about. Commercials urge women to eliminate their periods. The FDA shuttles these cash cows through, and then later there are class action lawsuits for the lawyers’ benefit. WHERE IS MALE BIRTH CONTROL??? God knows what all these chemicals have done to us.

    – You MUST use condoms or other barrier methods until you are with a partner you trust and you’ve both been tested for EVERYTHING. Some STDs are so easy to transmit. Most of the population has herpes, for example.

    – Some STDs can affect your unborn child.

    – The episiotomy done during childbirth is a cut through the perineum (down), but sometimes must also be done UP towards the clitoris. Some believe that being “ripped” is better, since the skin may heal more normally than with a clean cut. (I know this is rough, sorry.)

    – Baby girls have fully formed genitalia. It’s no big deal, but we are often so hands off that we actually believe we all look like Barbie down there.

    – Many kids think sex is peeing on each other. Lots of young people are so ill-informed that the Internet will be their sex education tool of choice. Let’s be more open and honest with each other and with our kids. I feel sorry for today’s and future generations. No mystery! Remember The Joy of Sex? 😉

    – I completely agree with Chris – everything else about our equipment down there is discussed, usually while I’m trying to eat dinner. Why is the vagina so taboo?

    – Probably because it’s called the Vagina (vuh-jai-nah). Let’s call it the Vagine (vah-zheen), like Borat did. So much more romantic and demure…

  23. That’s bullshit, man! See, this is why women have issues. They would TOTALLY air a penis episode! God forbid we say the word VAGINA! We’re still so uptight and repressed and it’s 2009! The other day I heard the word “pussy” on a normal cable channel. PUSSY! And yet they wont dare air a show about the va-jay jay?! I bet Oprah would do it/has done it. Because Oprah can have someone killed.

    You know, I’m 23 years old and have yet to see a Gyno. I don’t know why it has to be such an embarrassing subject for mothers. I have one, you have one, she has one. We need to take care of it. It frustrates me that I feel so embarrassed about my own body.
    Why is American TV so repressed and yet so trashy? They can show all kinds of shit on reality tv but when it’s something education it’s nixed?

    I just find it outrageous that women still know so little. But it’s not anyone’s fault really. Mothers and grandmothers before us have had it so rough when it came to female health. It makes me angry that women have been getting fucked over for centuries. I don’t want the same awkward relationship about female hygiene that my mother and I had with any girls I might have in the future.

  24. PS- I remember the promo for this! I found it funny the announcer was a man. But I also remember thinking “Yeah! It’s about time!”
    Fuck the network. Fucking white men in their high end suits. They probably havent ever seen their wife naked in the light.

  25. Are they fucking crazy? A problem with Vagina? I can understand if the show was called Cunt or Pussy, but Vagina? Fucking idiots! Fuck’em! Margaret, you fucking rock and you always have and will!!!!

    Women, we need to just flash our pussies at every motherfucker that we can. The ones that disapprove can go fuck themselves! Flash your titties too!!! Hell, I would love to lay on the sidewalk with double dong hanging out of my pussy and shoved in another chick’s cunt! Fuck the motherfucker’s who fucking disapprove! Fuck ’em all!

    I wish we could just walk around naked and fuck and suck whoever the fuck we wanted. Let’s just have one big fucking orgy. Let’s film it and shove it down the fucker’s throats that don’t approve! Here suck on this you fucker!!

    Margaret, you are hot and luscious and I absolutely love you and everything you stand for!

    I love porn, especially orgy porn with women and only women. Fuck men (not literally)! They can take their fucking cocks and stick them in their asses! Women rule! Pussy Rules! At least I can say that here without being banned! PUSSY! CUNT! TWAT! VAGINA! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! MOTHERFUCKER! FUCK MY MOTHERFUCKING CUNT YOU FUCKING FUCK! There, I feel fucking better!

    Love ya Margaret!
    Fuckingly yours with a wet Vagina,

  26. Yet, look at the things they serve up for children on television. Just look at the Disney Channel. And all of their “role models.”

    But a vagina is sinful and hush-hush?


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