Oh Miley

I am so upset by Miley Cyrus, I think it warrants a song!

Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes
Standing behind an Asian guy
I don’t know if this should fly
As if there wasn’t enough to despise

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of
Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana
I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna
Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!
Chinky eyes make you look wily
prejudice isn’t thought of so highly
it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?
To make fun of other races as easily as you
Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?
Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face
To make your eyelids resemble our race
This kind of joke has no proper place
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!

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  1. Okay… to clarify an otherwise freakishly abused stereotype, NOT ALL ASIANS HAVE SLANTED EYES! I’m Philippino and my eyes are not like that, thank you very much. And another, just because some peoples’ eyes are slanted doesn’t mean they can’t see, smartasses. Yeah, Margaret, Miley is a disgrace, and people like her give all teenagers a bad name. We’re NOT all spoiled, slutty, racist, fucked up morons.

  2. I was reading a few of the comments here and I think it’s interesting that most of the people defending Miley can’t spell worth a damn. It’s not even worth the energy to argue with illiterate people.

  3. I’m glad to see that someone actually saw through her sad apology. The thing is she’s never sorry til she gets caught. Then all of sudden its “I”m young, I”m going to make mistakes.” *bats eyelashes…. That works for cute kids it shouldn’t work of ugly ones.

  4. I have to say I love Asian eyes. They are beautiful! Especially Japanese eyes 🙂 If only asains loved them too there wouldnt be such a problem with Miley joking about them. Im american indian and when someone makes the “indian” sound or pretends to be indian it doesnt bother me in the least. Take pride in yourself and it won’t offend you so much.I know a lot of kids look up to her, but she’s a teenager for goodness sakes. She’s going to make mistakes. Pulling on your eyes shouldnt cost you 4 billion, no matter how famous you are. Make her own up to her actions and apologize for hurting peoples feelings, but that should be enough. Margaret makes fun of her family all the time… because she’s asian she can make fun of her culture without offending anyone? Only in America–“You offended me so now I’m going to sue you.”

  5. Wonderful and much-needed poetry, sister. I love you, Margaret ~ couldn’t have been said better!

    I am so bored by her tired act since day 1 of it that it’s not worth mentioning.

    Love you Margaret, see you in Ohio 5/12!

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