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  1. When you do signatures, do you ever stop and think, “OMG! They might tattoo this on their body! I must do it neatly!” Or have signature scribble guilt? *grins*

  2. HAHAHA!!! Glad it wasn’t on her ass. (not that I think you wouldn’t still sign it) If I were going to tattoo your mug on my body it would be that picture of you in the japanese sailor-schoolgirl outfit making that giggle face…when I look at it I can just feel the “HEE HEE HEE” well up inside of me!! (awesome!) I would probably have said tattoo on my…..hrm…..I so can’t imagine getting a tattoo. Maybe a t-shirt, the only thing that comes to mind with that is Margaret and Anna Nicole Smith together in a bathtub or something kinda wth that maid in that one movie…i’d totally wear that shirt. (with that appropriately placed stars of course)

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