Keep your Bullshit out of my Sky

The day before Prop 8 passed, someone had paid to have “Yes on 8” written across the sky above West Hollywood.

This is so fucking stupid and just the kind of shit you would expect from those idiots. They are just assholes enough to pay a lot of money to pollute the environment both literally and figuratively, to have someone go up there in a little plane and fart smoke all over the place just to prove a point – that they are ignorant, bigoted, controlling, wrong-minded and fear driven lunatics who have no concept of equality, love, compassion or freedom – and on top of that – they are proud of it!

What is great is that the beautiful fall breezes of southern California blew the message away almost instantly, as if God was trying to tell them something. Like “don’t fuck up my gorgeous sky with your bullshit.” Like that.

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  1. And this Margaret, is why you’re adored by so many!

    Even though I come from Toronto, Canada where gay Marriage is legal in the province of Ontario. It just makes me sick that a country such as the United States is going backwards when it comes to equality and civil rights. I thought the U.S. was “The home of the free”? I’m so very sorry for all those who fought for equality in the U.S. and feel like they have lost this battle. But *PLEASE* don’t let this set back discourage anyone for fighting what they hold so dear to their hearts. It was a long hard fight for us in Ontario Canada, but our hard work eventually paid off in the end. Keep fighting! Canada stands behind you!

    Keep up the great work and activism. We love you!

    Toronto, Ontario

  2. Thanks for making things seem a little bit brighter, even when you’re talking about overwhelming assholes who ruined my Obama excitement by telling me I can’t marry.

    Those douchebags will undoubtedly get what’s coming to them, namely the overturning of the Constitutional measure, either through legal avenues or through another popular vote. Either way, legislated hate will not remain for the entirety of our lifetimes because there are people like you and me out there to make sure of it.

  3. I was thinkin’ yesterday if the bible says a man can’t lay with a man the way that he would a woman. Doesn’t it also say that a man and woman can only do missionary? If that’s the case then couldn’t a man and a man do doggystyle and it be okay by the bible? Or is there a “No secks in the bunghole” clause I don’t know about?

    Besides a man CAN’T lay with a man as he would a woman because men (unless they’re pre-op F to M) don’t have a venus chamber! I just love taking scripture out of context it’s fun for days…HAHAHAH!!

    Lets all get to work finding loopholes!!!

  4. You know, I just moved to California back in early May to live with my boyfriend (actually, fiance, we just kept it on the down low for a while) and when I got there it was right around the time they were making a decision about it. Not even a month into me living in this great state I found out that YES! my boyfriend and I CAN get married!
    We were excited, we were overjoyed!
    … then we found out about Prop 8… and we decided that it would be for the better if we didn’t get married until after the election.
    It was a hard five months, driving around and seeing Yes on 8 signs everywhere. At first I was having calm discussions with these people, trying to get them to see things from the point of view of me and my boyfriend.
    By the end of August, anger was starting to seep into my voice with every conversation.
    By the end of September, I was screaming my arguements at the pro-8 advocates and their tv ads.
    By the end of October, I just stopped trying to talk to them at all because reasonable discourse wasn’t working. Bigots became the only word I would scream at them as I drove by.
    On November 4th, I was hoping that Obama would win and by 7 pm PST everyone knew it was going to happen.
    And at 7:01 pm PST… I started praying that the state that helped put Obama to the 270 point would also let me and my boyfriend eventually marry and would maybe not force almost 18,000 couples to have their marriages forcibly unnulled.
    I wanted to cry when I found it passed.
    I could not believe that the country that had just overwhelmingly said that yes, we can have a black president said in the same sentence that no… we can have a black president but we still can’t let the gays marry.
    I don’t get it.
    It’s not like California was the first state.
    Massachuestts has been handing out marriage certificates the homosexuals for almost a year now and now Conneticut has joined them.
    It makes me sad that think that this could happen.
    I know I’m not the only one… but now every time I look at the carefully and painstakingly picked out engagement ring on my boyfriend’s finger, I just want to scream.
    Oh… we’ll get married, god damn it… just not with the “permission” of society or our supposedly secular government.

  5. I wish someone would organize a protest in Orange County. Anaheim Hills, Orange, and Yorba Linda were LITTERED with Yes on 8 signs, even deceptive ones like “Yes on 8 protects our children” and “Yes on 8 protects families”. This area needs to wake the F up. Brainwashed.

  6. Margaret, what I appreciate about your blog posts is that you just say it like it is. I’m all the way up here in Canada, and find myself seething with anger at the news of Prop8 (and the other ‘props’ and ‘amendments’ that reduce gay right around the US). I’m a peace-loving person, but I feel myself bursting with rage and hatred (a terrible feeling) toward people who think it’s their right to take away the rights of someone else. Not one shred of the Yes on 8 arguments makes any sense to me.

    The word SHAME, as in – SHAME ON YOU – repeats itself like a mantra whenever I imagine confronting someone who feels it’s their right to control other people’s lives. So shameful. Disgusting.

    Anyway, your fiesty comments always make me feel better. Like I’ve vented a bit, too. So…

  7. Depriving fellow human beings of basic rights while claiming to be doing God’s will—gee, it sounds like Afghanistan or Iran, doesn’t it? Next thing you know, we’ll right back in the middle ages.

  8. Dante said that most sins are sins of love(loving money, spurning love and choosing anger)…I’m not a Christian but I believe in love. That we’re ALL more similar than we are different. and I think that believing in God and love are the same thing in a sense…when I was thinking about the whole religion itself something occured to me.

    Now, you might not agree but what occured to me is that the worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was that it GOT WRITTEN DOWN. Because people cling on to that damn book it closes their minds to other ideas and disables them….people think of it more as a rulebook than a guide.

  9. Margaret,

    First off, I want to say you totally rock and are so well loved, especially in your home town of SF. Sorry I couldn’t afford to see you at your latest benefit appearance. I always love seeing you live and in person.

    Thank you for being a loud and out voice of reason for all of us – gay, straight, bi and the like – on this issue and so many others. The media will listen to you more than they do us not-so-famous types.

    I volunteered quite a bit on the No on 8 campaign here. The parents of the gay daughter who were in the tv commercial came into the volunteer headquarters every day. Talk about inspiration. They even brought gifts – I got a little snow globe with 2 women getting married. Made me cry.

    I got married to my wife in 2004 and again this year in August and I truly believed it would stick this time. We will NOT give up the fight. Hit the rally’s. March and hold your candles and banners high. We will defeat this hateful proposition, just not today.

  10. I was thinking of you and all your support for this proposition when Tigger came over to spend some time with Julie and me after the election. How bittersweet is that! The magic of Obama’s election and the (to me somewhat shocking) disappointment on this.

    Thank goodness for the winds, may they blow more positive change in the near future!

  11. Margaret, when I heard about all this, you were the first one I thought of. I knew you’d be super pissed off! And you’re absolutely right! It’s wrong! It’s cold! It’s fucking ridiculous what these assholes are spewing forth! That ban should never have been passed.
    You’re not giving up and we all have to respect that. You rule! I’m not gay, but I’ll stand right by you and everyone else who’s moving against this stupidity! Count me in! This is a time for change. Let’s bring it!!!!

  12. Margaret, I saw you with a friend, when you played in Hamilton, Ontario Canada last month, you were amazing, I love you!

    It thoroughly amazes me the lengths that the idiotic, “Yes on Prop 8” people have gone through to deny gay people their CIVIL rights – it’s disgusting, but I know that the people of California who were against Prop8 will go on fighting it & rightfully so…..

    NO ON PROP8!

  13. I guess since Mormons are no longer allowed to marry their brothers and sisters and have many bonnet clad hairless pre- pubescent girls in their compound, that they don’t want any body else to be happy.

  14. It’s okay. For every religious organization that supported Prop 8, know that each one thinks all member of the other religious organizations are still going to hell.

    *Yes on Prop 8 Rally*
    Mormon: Whoo hoo! Yes on 8!
    Presbyterian: Yeah! What church are you from?
    Mormon: The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Sai–
    Presbyterian: Yeah you’re going to hell. Say hi to the gays for me.

  15. You made a funny! ^^ I personally can’t wait to go to hell I mean Kathy Griffin is gonna be there! There’s gonna be a whole bunch of gay people there! I’m gonna meet tons of pornstars there! I’ll get to ask John Wilkes Booth why he did it! Ooh I hope Marilyn Monroe’s there!

    I motion for a “Welcome to the depths of hell you raging homsexuals” POTLUCK!!! I’ll bring cake and a smile! =D

  16. All this talk of eternal damnation reminds me of a little plaque at my grandmothers house. It said

    An Irishman’s Philosophy
    In life, there are only two things to worry about—
    Either you are well or you are sick.
    If you are well, there is nothing to worry about,

    But if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about—
    Either you will get well or you will die.
    If you get well, there is nothing to worry about,

    But if you die, there are only two things to worry about—
    Either you will go to heaven or hell.
    If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about.

    And if you go to hell, you’ll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends
    You won’t have time to worry!

    Wohooo. I’m gonna be busy in that afterlife.

  17. Time for Prop 9 – Ban Divorce.

    I am an Australian citizen, not an american citizen. I had no right to vote on Prop 8 and it had no direct legal bearing on my life. I was none the less horribly disappointed to hear that my american gay friends have had their right to marriage in the state of california removed by the passing of this absurd discriminatory referendum decision.

    When I read about the campaign against gay marriage both directly centered around this Prop 8 vote and more generally around the western world the most frequent argument I seem to hear against gay marriage is that allowing gay people to marry will undermine or somehow devalue families and the institution of marriage. Not only is this argument ridiculous and based on absolutely no logic or evidence but more importantly I think it fails to recognize that the family (in the traditional nuclear sense) and the institution of marriage are already undermined and being devalued by the present attitudes of our western civilization – not by gay people at all – but by breeders who now average an almost 50% divorce rate.

    This frequent casual discarding of vows intended to be lifelong truly does do damage not just to marriage as an institution and to the value of families in our society but I think more significantly it does enormous damage to children raised by these split up families. I suggest that if californians genuinely care about marriage and family that they pass a 9th Proposition. If your so keen on banning people from their rights and you want to protect traditional values then for heavens sake ban divorce.

  18. A friend of mine in LA sent me this. I haven’t researched it completely to check on the companies, but wanted you to see it.

    “If you are inter​ested​ in boyco​tting​ busin​esses​ assoc​iated​ with the passi​ng of Prop 8, here is a list.​ This list was passe​d out yeste​rday at the prote​st at the Mormo​n Templ​e.​

    Here’​s the text from the flier​:​

    The Mormo​n churc​h was the singl​e large​st monet​ary contr​ibuto​r to the “​vote yes on propo​sitio​n 8” campa​ign.​

    The Mormo​n churc​h gets its money​ from churc​h-​membe​rs and its busin​ess holdi​ngs.​

    The follo​wing is a list of organ​izati​ons that are eithe​r owned​ by the churc​h outri​ght;​ owned​,​ found​ed or run by mormo​ns in execu​tive posit​ions (a porti​on of whose​ salar​y is tithe​d to the churc​h)​;​ or in which​ the churc​h owns a large​ perce​ntage​ of stock​.​

    Kroge​r foods​ (​Ralph​’​s and Alber​tsons​)​

    NPS Pharm​aceut​icals​

    Ameri​can Expre​ss

    Affil​iated​ compu​ter servi​ces

    Oil State​s Inter​natio​nal

    AES corp.​


    Avist​a corp.​

    Price​line.​ com

    Black​ and Decke​r
    Phelp​s Dodge​ Corp.​

    Caden​ce Desig​n

    Ryder​ Syste​ms (​Ryder​ truck​s)​


    Sky West Airli​nes

    Centr​al Pacif​ic Bank

    Swift​ Trans​porta​tion


    Corne​rston​e Realt​y Incom​e Trust​ Inc.

    Cygnu​s Inc.

    Tropi​cal Sport​swear​


    Willi​ams Compa​nies Inc.

    Dell Compu​ter
    Zions​ Secur​ities​ Corp


    K-​BIG FM radio​ Los Angel​es

    Downe​y Savin​gs and Loan

    AgRes​erves​ lnc. (​agric​ultur​e)​


    Sunri​der Int’​l.​

    Frank​lin Covey​
    Latha​m and Watki​ns

    Hille​nbran​d Indus​tries​
    Hunts​man Chemi​cal

    Headw​aters​ Inc.
    Bain Capit​al

    Holly​wood Enter​tainm​ent(​Holly​wood video​)​


    Host Marri​ott (​Marri​ott hotel​s and resor​ts)​

    Jet Blue



    JP Realt​y
    Deloi​tte Touch​e

    Key Corp.​

    Zions​ Secur​ities​ Corp.​

    Knigh​t Trans​porta​tion

    Bonne​ville​ comm.​

    K-​Swiss​ lnc.

    Telef​onica​ Brasi​l

    La Quint​a Prope​rties​ (t-a Quint​a hotel​s)​

    Apx Alarm​

    Micre​l Semic​onduc​tor

    Micro​ Gener​al

    Merit​ Medic​al Syste​ms

    Monac​o Coach​

    Micro​semi Corp.​

    Myria​d Genet​ics


    For furth​er infor​matio​n inclu​ding addit​ional​ compa​nies,​ names​,​ title​s
    and conta​ct infor​matio​n:​
    www. mormo​nstoc​kinde​x.​ com
    www. famou​smorm​ons.​ net
    www. mormo​n.​ org/​mormo​n/​mormo​n410.​ html

  19. The link with my name on it here leads to a complaint I had to lodge with my cell phone company, with which I will be terminating service this coming weekend when payment is due. It involves the blocking of gay dating sites from my phone’s web browser, when heterosexual dating sites are NOT blocked. Let’s give MetroPCS the shit-storm they’re begging for!

  20. Hey, don’t just blame the Mormons, people. A large number of black and elderly voters also voted for Prop. 8. Why don’t you reserve some of your ire for them?

  21. Here’s a question. If gay marriage undermines the sanctity of marriage, what about divorce? I think divorce undermines the sanctity of marriage a lot more than gay marriage. It gives people a way to get out of a commitment that’s supposed to be until the end of time, and it happens in half of all straight marriages.

  22. Check this out: I wrote a post in opposition of Prop 8 on my blog, and guess who bought advertising space on my blog without me knowing!!!!? McCain Palin! I didn’t know, of course. And I was sending out my link to friends and collegues and they thought I had a picture of Grampa and his Vice Trophy Bitch on my website!

    I’m horrified and guess what? My blog has been a ghost town ever since. I lost a lot of readers. Thanks a lot Google!

  23. If you don’t live in West Hollywood, you don’t see messages written in your sky. You only know about it when someone tells you. The same thing applies to California’s Nov. 4 ballot. Most folks who don’t live in California dont know that at the same time Californians voted to extend the rights of chickens, pregnant pigs and beef raised for veal (Proposition 2) by a landslipe 2-to-1 vote, they also voted to take away rights of gay citizens to marry (Proposition 8). That’s a “YES” for chickens and a “NO” for human beings. Many gays voted in favor of the animal rights, making this a sad irony. Do you remember the story of a woman jogging in southern California and was killed by a mountain lion a few years ago? Well, the fund for the slain cougar’s orphaned pups received more donations than the fund for the woman’s orphaned children. A good article on the controversial propositions can be read on Ethic Soup blog at:

    Sharon McEachern

  24. I just finished your book “I have chosen to stay and fight” and I wanted to say, “thanks.”
    You represent a part of the LGBT community that isn’t that visible, I believe.

    “I simply do not see the mirror any longer, and I do not rely on the exmaple of someone who came before me as a kind of mental permission slip.”

    I can’t wait until the mirror I see is broken.

    Thanks again,

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