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  1. What’s with the slow down in comments you guys? You need to get your rears in gear (literally and figuratively) and POST! CLENCH EVERYTHING! Antyways I LOVE the abortion part, and I think it’s so funny. Like whenever I claim to be pro death (which I kinda stole from you) when someone pro life starts questioning my….pro choice….ity. Oh and the hanger is so funny! When those Christians come in it reminds me of when Kit went in for an abortion in an episode of the L word, and some crazy lady comes in telling her it’s wrong so she runs out.

    Oh and did anyone see The Island today? I was rooting for the blue team and fake boobs (they’re very nice though) I mean Paula. I was happy for Ev winning because that is one lesbian that played the game honestly and EARNED IT. I can’t wait for all the yelling and screaming on the reunion show.

  2. It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it, Dick.

    No really. Quite catchy. Already told several people about it. Go Amanda!

  3. Wasn’t that from a Disney movie? Or was it a scene from Grease…my memory ain’t what it used to be. Oh, wait, High School Musical…that’s where I saw it first. *ha*

  4. Amanda palmer is a musical genius and her videos are always so fun to watch.
    You have such good taste. <33

  5. I love being apart of anything AMANDA i am the post man in this video and the hairdresser and the makeup artist on a lot of and Amanda and Pope’s vision!!

    ITS all about the art baby.

  6. amanda palmer and the dresden dolls are amazing and deserve every good thing in this world , as does my Best friend award winning stylist DESI of desi.gn of boston salon
    he helps amanda achieve her beautiful look ! the music and srt scene in boston is amazing
    aimee mann
    ryan landry
    rick berlin et. all

  7. I have been a big fan for a long time. But why Oasis? I mean, I have always thought Oasis was a great band. In addition, the type of girl what the song portrays does not fit the normal Oasis fan I know. However, I don’t really know too many Oasis fans besides myself in the Pittsburgh area. Maybe that band is like by fan girls in England or somewhere else.

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