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I am amazed at the level of racism and ignorance there is in this country, and when I see videos like this, which are crazily common nowadays, I am totally shocked. But then I am also not. People are just fucking dumb. They think that politics is some kind of playground battle. They have no idea how bad their lives will become if they actually got what they wanted. Why do they even imagine that someone like John McCain or Sarah Palin would care about them?

Republicans only care about the super-rich, except when there’s votin’ to be done, because after elections are bought and sold, these people will get thrown away like the garbage they are spewing forth. What I see are mostly poor, frustrated, ignorant, misguided people who have been lied to so much by the government that they are just spouting off the lies in order to somehow make sense of the world. It is unbearably sad because they don’t see that it is actually Bush who was the “terrorist” – who is sending their kids to die for totally made up reasons. They actually trust in a government that is killing them and wants to take away their freedom – and they don’t even know. These people should be pitied.

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  1. These people (and unfortunately most people) have bought into the idea that there is an “us” and a “them”. I dare to dream of a day when we all wake up and realize that there is ONLY US!

  2. This is seriously disturbing. All I see are white people and not surprisingly, no people of color in that crowd. Go figure. Why do they always say go back to whatever country? As a Native American, I find those statements ironic cuz they’re all descendents of Europeans. I think these people need to get their facts straight. 😉 I’d hate to walk around a corner and walk into this type of crowd. Haha.

  3. Hate stems from Fear, and Fear from Ignorance.

    These people are in desperate need of a hug.

    What I suggest in my opinion is that everyone, everywhere, should hug a McCain supporter.

  4. Today I got married at the San Francisco court house. It was full of people getting married, straight, gay, lesbian, transgendered. Everyone was so full of love and joy and light.
    I don’t understand why so many people are so full of hatred and fear about this. If they were there and saw all of these happy people, would they feel differently? Or would the not be able to see the beauty and love at all?
    Why would you want to vote for people who hate at least 10% of the population outright? Why would you want to vote for people who want to take even more rights away, and who will leave you to die when your health fails you?
    Guh. I don’t understand it.
    But I will say, go go SF Courthouse! Everyone there was awesome and kind and just so… bouncy!

  5. Yes, the racists are still there, but Obama has touched the hearts of people like no candidate I have ever seen. Today, walking around Seattle, I saw a large portrait of Obama on a garage door. And I just got this via some musician friends in Louisiana. No racism in this group, and I don’t think they need to pardon their French. I have to admit to crying when I watched this.


  6. OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin: Is there a reason why you’re not going to consider Barr? I think he’s a much better choice than Obama or McCain.

  7. Ah, the pitchfork peasants. It’s good that you can feel compassion for these people and I salute you for that. The egregious behavior in the video is not simply the product of ignorance and fear, but of the calculated and despicable efforts of the McCain-Palin campaign to rouse McCarthyism, xenophobia and racism in any vulnerable, angry or let-down Americans they can fold into their great sweep. Regression and hatred have become the hallmarks of the Republican party and you’re right, it is immensely sad that these poor people don’t see that they are being badly used, in every way possible, up to and including being cannon fodder.

  8. that video is hella scary.

    to jim: Bob Barr wants to drill in ANWAR, does not believe in universal healthcare, wants to eliminate our social safety net (medicare, medicaid and ss) in favor of private charities, and has consistently fought to restrict abortion rights and has argued in favor of making abortion illegal. There’s a start.

    Not to mention that none of that matters because he has no chance in hell, so your vote for him is only meaningful in that it’s NOT a vote for one of the major parties. But please vote for him – I hope a lot of conservatives and independents do!

  9. Nublub: Barr made some poor choices in the past, but he’s changed. Why do all the people who call Barr up on his past actions never answer when asked about Obama’s support of the FISA bill and the $700 billion bailout? Furthermore, he doesn’t want to “eliminate” Medicare and Social Security; he wants to reform them with less government interference and more control by the people.

    I hope that a lot of conservatives, independents, AND liberals vote for Barr. This country needs the change that a libertarian can bring.

  10. Last night, I went to a Ralph Nader rally here in Seattle.
    I sat with a lump in my throat through most of it.

    He’s what?–about 73 years old and has been fighting the corporations and two party system for decades. He is running a very humble campaign and is completly blacked out by the corporate media who find Obama well pleasing, well marketed and well scripted.
    Then we have these Republican freaks on top of it.

    Obama would not participate in a debate sponsored by Google that would have allowed
    all parties to debate. McCain by the way, said yes he would do it and debate Ralph.

    Both candidates support more nuclear power, the corporate bail out of 700billion dollars, the patriot act, and funding of the war. Not once did McCain or Obama mention the poor in their debates.

    When you pick the lesser of two evils, you are justifying your own futility in the civic process. Enough all ready.

  11. Sorry for the double post–but I thought more about what I saw here.

    This is a two way street.
    Read some of the comments on the Obama Web site sometime.
    This was especially true when Hillary was running, and there was name calling a plenty.

    Do you believe the the Democrats are not manipulating people?
    Of course they are but it is in the form of a slickly marketed campaign with posters by
    Shepard Fairey, celebrity videos and only positive ass kissing press for Obama.

    The public is duped on either side.

    This is a very good article written by Wall street veteran about the rise of the Obama campaign. First the tech bubble, the real estate bubble next is the Obama bubble and guess who is getting him there?

    Thank you Margaret for letting people comment–you know when you blog about politics, people get passionate about it.

  12. It is very sad. The Republicans obviously pander to people’s hate, ignorance and fear to keep the power on a country they are ruining. Bush fucked up everything and they’re asking for more! I deeply wish for your country that Obama makes it (and I was a Hillary supporter!) and shows America on a brighter side.

  13. Jesus Christ. How about that dumb bitch calling out “Hussein Mohammed Obama”! The way they were all lining up yelling stuff made them look like zombies out for brains.

  14. I think so many people here on this site are as consumed with hatred as the people in that video. The Democrat/Republican line is just polarizing people and making them demonize the other side. Wake up. Obama and McCain are not the right choices to run the country. We need a Libertarian president. We need Bob Barr.

  15. OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin: Is there a reason why you’re not going to consider Barr?

    Yes. He’s not black.

    Seriously though, since you asked me a real question, I’ll answer, though I don’t know why you’d wonder if people have actual “reasons” not to vote for your candidate.

    I despise libertarianism and think they’re no less ruthless and heartless as any other kind of conservative.

    Bad on abortion, bad on the gays, bad on education and school prayer, bad on English-only,

    And yes, Barr is a CONSERVATIVE, as are most libbercons/paleocons. They have some great on-paper ideas about social issues, but for the most part, they’re just tilting at windmills.

    I think he’s a much better choice than Obama or McCain.

    I don’t and I’m not voting for him, so don’t waste my time with libbercon evangelism.

  16. OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin: I think you’re a very sad, misinformed person. Describing the Libertarian party as “ruthless” and “heartless” is just spewing childish hate. You’re no better than the maniacs rambling at the Palin rally. You’re a left-wing retard, on par with the right-wing retards.

  17. @ Jim –

    There is a big difference between OhCrap calling Libertarians “ruthless” & “heartless” and the maniacs at that Palin rally.

    The hatred at the Palin rally is racially and religiously based. It’s racist, xenophobic and dangerous. Palin and McCain are whipping their supporters into a racist hatred of Obama and if anything happens to him because one of their maniac supporters decides he really is a “terrorist,” then Palin and McCain are partially responsible.

    It is reprehensible. There has been nothing the Democrats have said or done in this election that is on par with that kind of dangerous, racist, fear-mongering.

  18. There’s still hatred from the Dems as there is from the GOP. You’re telling me that die-hard Obama supporters aren’t hateful of McCain and Palin? That they don’t say horrible things about Republicans? It’s not the whole of each party, but the few fringe lunatics on the left and the right that cause these problems. And I hate to say it, but I think that a few of the nuts on the left are posting here.

  19. Saying that all Conservatives are like the people in the video above is like saying all Southerners are inbred redneck racists. Or that all black men are thugs. Or that all blondes are dumb. Or that all Asian women are submissive. Or that all Liberals don’t bathe and hate America.

    It’s stereotyping, and by only showing the fringe lunatics of any group to prove that the side you disagree with is wrong because “OMG, all people who support *whatever* are like this!” is ignorant. Just plain ignorant.

    Oh, and yes, I’m a “McPalin” supporter. And I actually voted for Obama in the primaries, but since then I’ve studied both him and McCain and their policies, and I agree on more McCain things.

    Oh, and I’m a female, first-generation college student in the liberal arts who makes less than $6000 a year teaching private music lessons. I’m also Southern, Christian, mid-20s, pro-choice, and bisexual. I’m going to be the Best Faghag at a friend of mines commitment ceremony(he and his partner agree that marriage is a church institution, not a political thing, so they’re cool with not having a religious ceremony because they’re Athiests).

    I watch FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC. I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, and Al Franken. I don’t get my information from either side of the political spectrum, because both sides are of course going to skew whatever they have on the other side.

    Oh, and Margaret (if you read this), I totally have a crush on you and have for years. You’re awesome, even if I don’t agree with your politics in all cases, and I thought your post about banging Sarah Palin was hilarious.

  20. The fear and hatred of these people stun me. What these people used to say behind closed doors they now freely shout in the street. The saddest of all is they shout robocalls and bumper sticker slogans instead of they REAL issues this country is facing.
    As a woman I am continually amazed that any woman would admire sarah palin-seriously????”Nalinpalin” is prochoice but can’t wait for her right to choose to be a crime.Bisexual but doesn’t want the same rights for gays that straight people enjoy?Doesn’t make much money but supports an elitist ticket???This makes absolutely NO SENSE to me.
    Obama 08

  21. I don’t think that any politician is actually dumb enough to believe that they would ever be able to overturn Roe V. Wade. It ain’t gonna happen, and personally, I think it, along with gay rights, capital punishment, etc, are decisions that should be made by the states without any federal interference.

    Do you know what would happen to gays if it became mandatory that everyone in America had to accept gay marriages? Bloodshed. Some people have to have ideas put on them slowly in order for them to accept them. Is it right? No. Is it fair? No. Do I wish it were different? Hell yes, I do. But I’m also able to realise that the fear and anger that is present towards my openly gay friends and I would only grow if tolerance and acceptance were a forced law.

    Also: I’m pro-choice, but my choice would be to not have an abortion. My choice at 17, however, would have been to have one. I don’t fear that choice becoming a crime, because it won’t. I don’t fear my politicians, and I think it’s a sad sign when people do.

    And the Obama/Biden ticket is elitist as well. Harvard and Yale for the Obamas? Versus University of Bumfuck Egypt, because that was where Palin could afford to go?

    I have a problem with any politician who supports handouts (which is what welfare is) as much as Obama does. I don’t make much money, but I work hard for it, unlike a lot of people in my community, both white and black, who sit on their asses, support Obama, and collect a check from my tax money. Spreading the wealth around sounds great, but I also feel in my heart of hearts that my wealth (or lack thereof) will be spread around as well.

    I do admire Sarah Palin, though I disagree with her, because she’s done/doing more than most women will ever do with their lives. Whether McCain wins or loses (because, remember, he’s the one who’s actually running for the important job), she’s been a woman that I think every woman should respect, even if it’s grudgingly, and even if they don’t agree with her issues.

    I’m gonna end this with a quote that I know Libs love: You must become the change you wish to see in the world. By being just as angry as the people in the video above, you’re not encouraging change. By being snarky and sarcastic, you only encourage more of the same. Saying “Hope and Change” or (for Repubs) “Real Change you can Believe In” doesn’t mean anything. You actually have to get up and do something.

  22. I love the guy in the vid that talks about Obama’s cabinet (Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson…) those must be the only black people he knows in the political arena. And we all know how tight Sen Obama is with Al Sharpton, bosom buddies those two! … I really wish I could say that I was shocked but I’m not. We unfortunately have a culture of ignorance and until the American people can take responsibility for their knowledge, we’re gonna see many more videos like this one.

  23. re: nailin’palin

    “Some people have to have ideas put on them slowly in order for them to accept them. Is it right? No. Is it fair? No. Do I wish it were different? Hell yes, I do. But I’m also able to realise that the fear and anger that is present towards my openly gay friends and I would only grow if tolerance and acceptance were a forced law.”

    that is the argument that excuses not changing anything. gay marriage and civil rights are not at all equal movements, and i don’t believe you can compare the two in most ways, but consider how things would be had civil rights not been insisted upon, not fought for and made into “forced law.” it is incredibly privilege-minded to assume that those who are oppressed must wait for their oppressors to change before they can have the rights they deserve to have. the civil rights movement was 40 years ago, and we STILL have people capitalizing on racist imagery (obama waffles, obama bucks, etc. and not just in the election), hate crimes arising out of racism, and the list goes on. racism is not over, and if we went by your suggestion we would still be waiting for desegregation. that said, gay marriage and gay rights are not at all the same. they are historically different and carry their own set of definers and realities, and don’t for a second think that i’m equating the two in every way, please. however, i do think that in some ways it’s a useful illustration for comparison’s sake.

    and i don’t even believe legal gay marriage is the end of the road. i’m a big queer and i don’t think my relationship needs to look like straight ones. we’re not just like straight people, and we don’t need to be or act like straight people. and i’m proud of that. but i think it’s inherently misguided to think that we need to wait for people to accept our rights before insisting on them. we’ve waited long enough. i’m done being patient.

    oh, and another quote that liberals love: “power concedes nothing without demand. it never has, and it never will.”

  24. OhCrap, Nublub and others: here are just some of the reasons I’m voting for Barr (you can find more of his policies at his website)

    1.) He will stop providing government benefits for illegal immigrants while reforming the immigration policy to encourage more productive aliens to apply for citizenship here in the US.

    2.) He will repeal the Patriot Act and other policies enacted by the Bush Administration that have hindered our constitutional rights.

    3.) He will reduce excess government spending by cutting wasteful programs and putting an end to obscene bailouts, thereby reducing our taxes.

    4.) He encourages drilling for oil here in the US to reduce our dependence on foreign sources.

    5.) He will institute a plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq as soon as possible.

    6.) He promotes private choice in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and retirement accounts.

    7.) He supports the rights of each state to determine individual laws regarding drug use, drinking age, and same-sex marriage.

    8.) He opposes forced unionization; the decision to join a labor union is the choice of each individual and should not be forced.

    9.) He will eliminate federal government control over our monetary supply and place it in the hands of the free market.

    10.) He will reduce government inferference in our school systems and return educational choice to parents, where it belongs.

    11.) He will put an end to eminent domain.

    12.) He will end the racial spoils system created by affirmative action and other quota programs.

    13.) He opposes any laws that restrict the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

    14.) He will reform health care policy to focus on those most in need, provide greater patient choice, and offer a higher quality of care at lower cost.

    Vote for liberty. Vote for Bob Barr.

  25. Arrrgghhh! In the end the RRR (Republican Religious Right) have only fear and hate to offer as a political solution! Their time has come to an end at last! I will be glad when the mindset is gone forever!

  26. Bob Barr – ha ha, that’s a good one. Libertarianism is NOT what America needs right now. I would go into each of Jim’s points, but it’s not worth it. Thankfully, Barr will probably get 10 votes max.

  27. Daniella: Hey, McCain is a lunatic and Obama is a socialist. I’d say that Barr is a far better choice than either of them. Of course, you left-wing loons just want to demonize libertarianism as much as you demonize conservtives, so there’s really no point in trying to reason with you.

  28. I’m happy to see that there are people on here that are considering voting for a 3rd party. In the end, McCain and Obama end up being the same. I don’t see any change with either candidates.

    America needs to wake up!

  29. PGA: Thanks for the support. Hopefully we will see a change and neither McCain nor Obama will be elected. I’ll be completely honest, I’m really worried about how the country will turn out if either of them gets into office.

  30. People need to understand that the Federal Reserves are responsible for our economic crisis that we are facing today. President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which would have ended the Federal Reserves to loan our government money with interest. He knew that if the Federal Reserves kept printing money out of thin air, it would create a huge deficit. Executive Order 11110 gave our government the ability to create its own money backed by silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars. After President Kennedy was assassinated, any silver-backed certificates that were issued were taken out of circulation. Guess whose notes we are using today. (Google Executive Order 11110)

    All I keep hearing from McCain and Obama are the same things. They both want to keep spending, until our dollar is worth nothing. I don’t hear them talking about cutting certain needless programs, just spend, spend, spend. Not once did I hear any one of them say they would investigate the Federal Reserves or go back to sound money. (Google Global Poverty Act .. this is where our money will be going all you Obama fanatics. That money could be used to help the poor in our country.)

    Our rights have been taken away by a government that basically shits on our Constitution. This is not a Republican, Democrat, Independent issue. This is a “We the people” issue. They have corrupted our government for too long and I am sick of it. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils. I will vote for someone who will defend our Constitution and bring our rights back to our people!

    Ralph Nader, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr. One of these four people will get my vote.

    One more thing… Fuck the New World Order!!!!!!

  31. Nailin’ Palin:

    “I watch FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC. I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, and Al Franken. I don’t get my information from either side of the political spectrum, because both sides are of course going to skew whatever they have on the other side.”

    Not true. Fox and Limbaugh deserve a special place in hell for the garbage they spew as “truth”. Their commitment to ideology over either facts or ideas is well documented. I suggest you dump them and go with the BBC–superb journalism, usually. Otherwise you’ll be just as wrong and deluded in who you support next election.

    Jim and constitution:
    There’s no such thing as a libertarian–just single-issue crank conservatives and conspiracy theorists (That’s not my New World Order, Rep. Barr–mine comes with fries!). And Nader’s a spoiler who should have quit eight years ago–make that nine.

    Palin should just crawl back to whatever hole she crawled out of. Not only is she unprepared for high office, she’s unfit for it. And McCain’s repudiated everything he ever stood for.

    That only leaves one ticket. And I’ll bet you a six-pack that after four years of an Obama presidency, the United States will have risen past its fears, and the gutwrenching ignorance and stupidity of people like those in this video, and will re-elect him with a strengthened majority.

    Thank the FSM there are only a few days of Republican rule left.

  32. I’ll be glad when the election’s over, honestly. I just need to get to the “I told you so” part of things, where in four years, no matter who wins, the country is just as bad off and unhappy as it is now. We’ll all still be broke, there will still be fights over gay marriage and abortion rights, and we’re all still gonna hate each other. Obama isn’t gonna fix things, but the ignorance and attitudes of both his supporters and of the opposing group will make sure that he goes down in history as a divider and not the uniter he wants to be. And that makes me sad, because I do like the guy. I just don’t want him as my president. I do acknowledge, though, that he probably will win, and I really hope he does everything that you guys say he will. I’m not holding my breath, though. He’s a politician, not a saviour.

    Fuck McCain and Obama. I’m writing in Cookie Monster.

  33. “That only leaves one ticket. And I’ll bet you a six-pack that after four years of an Obama presidency, the United States will have risen past its fears, and the gutwrenching ignorance and stupidity of people like those in this video, and will re-elect him with a strengthened majority.” – Metro

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  34. Jim Said

    OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin: I think you’re a very sad, misinformed person.

    Well, I don’t really give a crap what you think.

    One thing’s certain, though, you’re never going to get people to vote for your whackodoodle libertarian party with petty, childish insults.

  35. Jim, leave it to a right-wing to get all up in arms about socialism – look at your public services, my friend: your police, firefighters, education, etc. are all socialist ideas. You don’t have to pay to have a firefighter come to your door and put out the fire that’s burning your house down; the government provides the service to you through your taxes and government subsidies. You don’t need to pay for private education if you don’t want to – the government looks after it for your children. You right-wing nuts are always trying to privatize the whole world; libertarianism is every man for himself and that’s it. If someone dies because they don’t get care due to an inability to pay for medical care, you don’t give a damn because it’s not your problem. Get off your high horse and open your eyes.

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