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  1. Seriously hilarious. Yes, I recognize that is an oxymoron, but McCain is a regular moron. Sorry, cheap shot, couldn’t help it.

    : ) P

  2. Unfortunately, McCain and Co. actually did pay the license to use the music, and there’s nothing Ann and Nancy can do about it. (That’s probably also why Rush Limbaugh is able to continue using the Pretenders song “My City Was Gone,” despite Chrissie Hynde’s radically different viewpoint from Rush Limburger’s.)

    That said, Roger Fisher, co-writer of Heart’s song “Barracuda,” has said that he will donate his portion of the royalties for McCain’s use of the song to the Obama campaign. Sweet justice, eh?

    Here’s a link to the story at DailyKos.com: McCain Campaign Contributing to Obama

  3. Never mind the licensing fees—why on earth would he continue to use work by artists who have publicly said they’re against him?

    Those are some nice Republican values, there: I paid the fee, so fuck the artists.

  4. You know something, I am not a McCain supporter and now live OS but artists cant surely have it both ways. They put their music out there in the public for it to be bought and if they want to control how that’s done then they should think about it before they put it out to the market.

    I mean how far do you take this? If they are embarassed about the fact that the voting public think they are somehow supporting the Republican Campaign because their music is used then issue a statement and be done with it.

    While the economy is going to the dogs and Russia and China are sitting on the sidelines the issues that fill the media are more than not this kind of stuff.

    There is something wrong with the world – too many control freaks who are narcissistic. If Heart hadn’t made a peep about this how many people would have even recognised their material anyway.

    More focus should be given to things like replaying the video of Katie Courics interview with Sarah Palin about her foreign policy experience. It will only take one minute and 28 seconds and will have more impact than anything else anyone an say or do. The woman clearly does not know what she is talking about and it is frightening. No wonder they are keeping her away from the press.

  5. Aren’t there any republican musicians who write little ditties about rape victims paying for foresenic tests that they can all dance to or something–She will stand up to the test because she paid for it…La, la la?

    Yes. the Couric/Palin interview…the snippet that I saw on UTube was absolutely horrifying.
    I could not believe that this person is one heart beat away from being our president.
    This is freakin’ serious.

    The SF examiner endorses McCain….

  6. Margaret saw your last show for the season last night. i laughed when your dad told his joke. =) I wish you were my buddy in real life. Can’t wait for the next season.

  7. Arrrrggghhhh! Proof that the Reblubercans can only steal to make sick sense of it all! I hope Heart wins and take back their song! If the McLame campaign wants to use a song to introduce their ice queen. Why not use Hall and Oates’ “Bitch Girl” song instead! McLame can also use on himself too!

  8. Thank you for being liberal. It’s idiots like you on the left that make it easy for the right to roll over you every election.

  9. what’s really quite amusing about all of this is that if either McCain or Palin took a moment to actually read the lyrics they would not choose this as a song to represent them as an individual… the song is not complimentary to the one(s) that they are singing to?


    So this ain’t the end- I saw you again – today
    I had to turn my heart away
    You smiled like the sun- kisses for real
    And tales- it never fails!

    You’re lying so low in the weeds
    I bet you’re gonna ambush me
    You’d have me down, down, down, down on my knees
    Now wouldn’t you, barracuda?


    Back over time when we were all trying for free
    You met the porpoise and me
    No right, no wrong, you’re selling a song- a name
    Whisper game

    And if the real thing don’t do the trick
    You better make up something quick
    You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick
    Ooooh, barracuda!


    ‘Sell me sell you’ the porpoise said
    Dive down deep down, deeper than
    You.. I think that you got the blues too

    All that night and all the next
    Swam without looking back
    Made for the western pools- silly, silly fools!

    The real thing don’t do the trick, no?
    You better make up something quick
    You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick
    Ahh, barra- barracuda!

  10. I agree with Greg. I listen to songs for the lyrics as much as for the beat. Yes, the song has Barracuda in it, and we all know that was Plain’s cute nickname in high school (how is it we know stuff like this but not her stance on say illegal immigration) but still, you thought someone would have realized what the words were saying.

  11. I was reminded by a friend that during his presidential campaign Ronald Reagan had requested to use the song “Pink Houses” by John Cougar Mellencamp because of the chorus lyrics “ain’t that America, home of the free, little pink houses for you and me”. It never happened because the request was denied by Mr. Mellencamp along with a strong suggestion to Ronald Reagan that he might want to read the lyrics first before making such a request!!! The song takes a sarcastic poke at the what is defined as”American Dream”.

    Then there is Bill Clinton’s use of “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac as his song of choice and this was done without requesting the appropriate permissions but he scored big with this one because all members of Fleetwood Mac were pro-Clinton and were flattered by his choice… and … during this time the “rumours” line-up of FWM had been quite estranged from each other (to put it nicely) to the point that they were more-or-less broken up but they put aside those differences and actually re-united for that one night to perform “Don’t Stop” live for Mr. Clinton and that one night was the spark that lead to their subsequent reunion and “The Dance” tour was born (1997) shortly thereafter.

  12. The letter may be a joke, but it more colorfully expressed the sentiments of the actual press release on Heart’s website.

    Lilly: I disagree. The song is Heart’s intellectual property. Also, the “Keating Five” McCain campaign is engaging in misrepresentation by using a song made by artists who don’t support his campaign.

  13. Gretchen Peters donates royalties from “Independence Day” to Planned Parenthood

    Donation made in the name of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin

    October 4, 2008 – Nashville, TN

    When Sean Hannity began using Gretchen Peters’ song “Independence Day” as the theme song for his Citadel Broadcasting radio talk show, Peters quietly stepped up her donations to causes including the ACLU, PFLAG, and Moveon.org.

    But when the GOP used “Independence Day” to usher Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin to the stage after the debate in St. Louis, Peters realized the party was truly perverting the chorus of her composition to suit their agenda and it was high time for Peters to make her feelings known.

    “Independence Day,” written by Peters, was a hit for country singer Martina McBride in 1994. The lyrics tell the story of a woman’s response to domestic abuse from the point of view of her daughter.

    “The fact that the McCain/Palin campaign is using a song about an abused woman as a rallying cry for their Vice Presidential candidate, a woman who would ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, is beyond irony,” Peters says. “They are co-opting the song, completely overlooking the context and message, and using it to promote a candidate who would set women’s rights back decades. I’ve decided to donate the royalties from ‘Independence Day’ during this election cycle to Planned Parenthood, in Sarah Palin’s name. I hope with the additional income provided by the McCain/Palin campaign, Planned Parenthood will be able to help many more women in need.”


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