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I am being accused of sexually objectifying Sarah Palin, and I did it because I think it is funny – mostly because she is anti-gay, and would like people like me to be sent to a camp where we can study the bible with other gays and lesbians and have electrodes placed on our privates until we are forced to become heterosexual – like her and um, Track. So I said I would like to do rude things to her, because frankly, I like pussy, and I am not giving it up anytime soon – no matter what the “Christians” have to say about it. Gay sex is monumentally more fun than straight sex. God made it that way, so we would stay gay! He wants us to persevere! Stay strong!! Gay sex is better than straight sex. Sorry, it just is – I should know – I have liberal amounts of both. And Sarah Palin is missing out.

However, I do feel the misogyny against Palin – you would have to be blind not to see it. The interview with Charlie Gibson was where I felt it most acutely. Gibson had such contempt for her – of course due to her inexperience and utter inability to answer any question properly and saying the word “nucular” – but I feel if she were a man, he wouldn’t have had as much hatred in his eyes. The last idiotic VP – Dan Quayle – was met with a certain amount of criticism, but it was nothing compared to what Palin has had to face, and will continue to face.

I am certainly not defending Palin – because make no mistake – she is the ultimate misogynist. She is a woman hater in the extreme. To force women to have children against their will, to deny abortion rights EVEN in cases of incest and rape is abominable. She is an insult to feminism, a sickening example what a woman will do to other women in order to please men and further her own career. Women do shit like that to other women to keep them down – to make their achievement seem more extraordinary – to keep women out of their way, so they can enjoy all the power and the men themselves, and that stuff makes them worse than sexist men. It is worse to be a traitor than a perpetrator. That she made rape victims pay for their own forensic exams shows that she believes that women somehow deserved to be raped – that it is our fault, just like unplanned pregnancy, just like being victimized by men – or women like her. She acts like all women are wearing a miniskirt and are asking for it. So fuck her.

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  1. Right on to everything you said, Margaret!

    Greg, I think you’ll appreciate my site, and Diane Blount, go shove it. Get a clue: this country is for everybody, including those you disagree with. Too bad if you don’t like it.

  2. Margaret I give you props for being politically involved. I think that Palin was chosen by McCain so he doesn’t look bad. I heard her on an interview, where she stood about abortion. She said she would give the girls advice about it. What the fuck? Like that will help? I admit that I am not sure about the abortion issue, but I feel that those who were subjected to rape and incest should have a choice. I also don’t like that everyone is in love with Sarah Palin, it’s annoying, big deal she’s a hockey mom. Love you Margaret!!!

  3. Love this!! My mom always says “theres a special place in hell for women who dont help other women.” Palin has a direct ticket there. She is truly the worst version of a woman I could ever think of. I am such a feminist, and women like her make it seem like furthering the feminist cause is impossible. thanks for posting this, you go girl!

  4. Well said!

    I find it so offensive that she considers herself a feminist… she is anything but! I am thankful everyday that I live in Canada and don’t have to put up with this shit.

  5. HEY MARGARET!!!!!!!!!!


    SARAH PALIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU DONT!

    in your words



    bah bo!

    ugly fat disgrace, not just to koreans, THE HUMAN RACE!

  6. I certainly disagree with Palin’s anti-gay stance, but I disagree that she is worse than a misogynist male. I don’t really see Palin as trying to push down every other woman to get ahead. I think she is just a freaky Christian who really believes all the Christian rhetoric. However, the fact that she is trying to achieve power in a society that can’t psychologically deal with women in power makes me stand up for her. The anti-woman rhetoric came from the democratic party when Palin ran. It came from both parties when Hillary ran. Joe Biden said that Palin sounded “shrill” at the RNC. Men in the democratic party have a lot of unresolved sexism, just like the men in every other party.

  7. So happy that she is stepping down as AK Governator. Buh-bye, Sarah–don’t let the door hit ya where the good FSM split ya. (And I pray to the Great Noodliness that she doesn’t run for Prez in 2012, either!)

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