Again, with gratitude (and Sarah Palin video magic)

This is awesome!!!!

From: Sara Benincasa
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008
To: margaretcho
Subject: Again, with gratitude (and Sarah Palin video magic)

Hi Margaret:

I wrote to you two years ago when I had first started doing stand-up, and you did me the kindness of posting the email on your blog. The fact that you posted my message meant so much to me, not in the least because it brought new friends my way and added to my resolve to continue doing comedy.

I was a high school teacher back when I wrote to you. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do. What I really wanted to do was write, perform, and make people laugh.

Today, I host a nightly show about sex on Sirius, and I contribute to MTV’s 2008 Choose or Lose coverage. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a series of fake Sarah Palin vlogs with my comedy partner, Diana Saez. The first video alone has garnered over 150,000 hits, as well as being featured on Wonkette, Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 blog, Politico, and a bunch of other sites. interviewed me last week and I just did an interview with the Washington Post this evening. Wolf Blitzer showed a clip from one video on CNN’s “Situation Room.” He is now our boyfriend forever, in our minds. But, most importantly, a field organizer with the Obama campaign down South wrote me the following note:

Dear Sara,

Thank you for making your Sarah Palin Vlogs.

I am a Field Organizer for the Obama campaign. I have shown your Sarah Palin to all of my friends and everyone, EVERYONE, loves them.

As you might imagine, we work very hard on the campaign. We work from 9AM to 10PM pretty much every day, seven days a week. Your Vlogs are great for morale.

Keep up the funny stuff.

I don’t write to ask you to post the videos on your blog or anything like that. I just wanted to let you know that in a very real way, your posting that fan letter back in ’06 contributed to my feeling good about the fact that I had decided to give comedy a real try. And I know you post lots of fan-mail, and I think that’s awesome. It must seem like a small gesture, but it can really mean a lot.

The first Sarah Palin vlog is here
(and there are seven others). If you have time to watch it, I hope you enjoy my personal interpretation of the greatest single role model our country has ever known. And I’m looking forward to seeing your show at Radio City.

Shooting a moose from a helicopter,
Sara Benincasa

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  1. This is great, Margaret, but what about doing a fundraiser or two? We could especially use registration-oriented events in Ohio and Pennsylvania, because if we win those two states, we’ll probably win the election.

    I, for one, would gladly help put you on a plane to Ohio! It would also be good to have events focused towards getting out ALL the LGBT vote, and people like you, Cindi Lauper, etc. are the ones who could help do that, at large events. Unfortunately, I don’t think Barack Obama can do it on his own, in part because the Republicans would use wedge politics against him if he was overt about it. And the sad thing is, such an attack would work. :-/

    I’m hoping that America is more intelligent than it seems much of the time, because the situation is too serious for the kind of games that McCain and Palin are playing to interfere with the need to actually address some very serious imminent problems we face.

  2. Hey, Margaret, Stephen from Fresno here.

    I, too am Obama-ing (CD20 team coordinator).

    As Jeeezus says, any kindness you show to one of my sheep, you show to me. You have always been kind to me, and now you’re doing SaraB, my online friend, a major solid (which she deserves, as the Palin videos are HILARIOUS).

    Thanks so much to you. Best to your slaves, er, assistants.


  3. I dislike Sarah Palin. Her insisting that she is similar to a Pit Bull with lipstick just leaves me waiting for her to be euthanized.

  4. Hey Margaret,

    I’m totally Baracking the vote in November. I’m addicted to your blog and your comedy. Another enjoyable blog is I think you would really like it!

  5. Sara’s Sarah vlogs are fantastic! So thrilled to see more people finding them through you.

    oh, and i wanna see a Selene Luna political blog. She can bring back the troops single-handedly! And she makes me pee myself.


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