“The Cho Show” – Episode 2 Tomorrow at 11pm

Thanks so much for watching “The Cho Show” last week!! Please tune in for the second episode on Thursday night at 11pm on Vh1. We want the chance to make a second season, and we need you to keep watching to help us do it!

Come join our family.

Love, Margaret

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  1. Hey Margaret!! What an AWESOME episode!! I think it was twice as funny because… well, it’s you and you’re just that amazing. So anyways we are gay and we have a FABULOUS idea for you… if you have our babiesssssss then you can dress them up as you like and your parents can be like “Awwwwww” and… then we’ll totally be good to those babies, and it’s definitely like being a surrogate mom but what the hell you’re Margaret Cho and that makes the babies just so damn cool. So I completely doubt that you would go through that, because who wants to go through 9 months of labor and not being able to drink for a couple gay guys from across the country. BUT just letting you know that if this happened, we would forever think our babies were so fucking cool if you were their mom. Ta! <3

  2. Aloha Margaret, I LOVE your show!!! I don’t watch tv, I havent wacthed tv for 5 years now, however when I heard about your show I’m like, I’m sooo there. The one thing that is killing me is that I have seen the frist show here on your site because I think your show comes on at a crazy time here on Kauai, like 6:00 pm and I’m at work at that time. Long story short I’m on the hunt for the perfect time or the real time your show is on here in Kauai.I LOVE the new photo of you on the home page”HOT” very beautiful! xoxoxoxo Skot

  3. Your show was awesome. Why can’t you see any of your tattoos in the advertisement above? Vh1’s idea or the lighting just makes them less obvious?

    You are the funniest, most inspiring, and most beautiful woman I can think of. At least there is ONE reality show worth watching. Thanks!

  4. Margaret, I loved your show! You are absolutely hilarious! I’m already hooked and I’ve only seen one episode 😉

  5. Hi Margaret,
    You are fabulous! I am the mother of two daughters, and I love your show. I will watch and tivo every show, and have already sent all the important info about when the show is on, etc, to all of my contacts. I love your Mom and Dad….they are great, no wonder you are as well.


    I will keep watching because now I am addicted, I can’t believe the many rimes I LOL’d while watching the first episode!!! SURPRISINGLY there where a few moments when you made me tear up. I love the show and I hope you go beyond just a 2nd season!

    Keep kicking ass for all of us who have found our voice through you!

    XOXOXOXOXOXOX -Francisco

  7. your show is awesome. i was so moved by your parents wanting a grandbaby. i would say go for it.. for your fans. Us moms need someone out there kicking butt and pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable. We need a revolutionary mom like yourself out there… so here’s to a fan wishing motherhood for your future.

    Mom of 2 in San Francisco!

  8. Margaret i’m so excited to see you have a show on TV. i can’t wait, and i truly hope we get to see it down here in Australia.

    much love, michael

    ps your publicity shot is extremely hot
    Talk about pushing boundaries .. of how hot a woman can look while reading a magazine!

  9. Margaret, I think you are wonderful!!!! Mad funny, and so beautiful. I love what you are doing in trying to show people that there isn’t one definition of beauty. I just love you and I hope your show. Oh yeah Ms. Luna is great too, you ladies work brilliantly together.

  10. Margaret, I love your show and I love you!! I even love your parents!! In the episode 1, after the award, a girl was literally crying and telling you how great you were and how inspiring you were. She made me all teary, too!!! ^^ As a Korean woman, I am also sooooo proud of you!! I can’t wait to see many more episodes of your show and have a chance to get to know you more (of course if I will ever have a chance to get to meet you in person, that’d be CRAZY GREAT!!) You are so brilliant and so funny. I’m watching the episode 2 as I’m typing this. The peasant idea is awesome. And I loooooooooove your intention to it. Every person IS beautiful. If you don’t mind, can I call you ‘Margaret 언니’? ^^ Keep it coming!! I can’t wait to see the next episode!!
    언니!! 아자아자!! ^^

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU MARGARET!! You’re one of my heroes in this world; I’ve followed your standup and was so excited to hear you were going to have a show. I’ve watched both episodes as many times as I could catch them. Thank you for being you! Your friends and family are so beautiful and awesome too. I wish it were an hour long each week. You and Ms. Luna are gorgeous and amazing. LOVE the Cho Universe Pageant. Margaret, if had a girlfriend like you, I would be the happiest, luckiest person in the world…sigh. VH1, there HAS to be a second season. And a dvd release! Please! Lots and Lots of love, Candy XO

  12. MARGARET, Hey I want u 2 know its not just Gayz n Single parents that watch your show (not that I get anything against gayz n babyz mamaz) . Straight guys also think you are muthafukkin FUNNY! I’ve been following you since your first show (show my age huh, who cares muthafukka) and i saw you when you came to Diamond Head theatre doing your stand up Comedy. LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. I’ll be watching every show.

    p.s. I think your Dadz lying…I think he inhaled…LMAO

  13. I love you and totally relate with you.
    I was the only non-white kid in elementary school until my sis entered first grade.
    Hugs and kisses.

  14. I really wish these episodes could all be streamed.
    I live without modern conveniences no cable, no ipod, no cell phone.
    Imagine there’s no heaven.
    That first episode was great.

  15. Maragaret!

    I wanna be part the glam squad. I wanna be the Director of all fabulous photo shoots. PLEASE!!! I really don’t wanna take that job at Medical Examiners office in NYC taking pictures of dead people! Help me from becoming goth photo boy!!

    LOVE, Your Iranian Fan!!!

  16. Hi Margaret!

    I just came across your new show on vh1 and i love it!! i’m a 2nd gen. Korean-American and I totally watched all-american girl growing up. And it’s so fun to watch your parents on your new show!! My parents are totally the same.

    Thanks for making us laugh and being an inspiration to the K-A community!

    – Anna C.

  17. Margaret honey I love love love you but the VH1 show sucks it’s just painful to watch. You gonna need to do some tweakin (of the SHOW gurl) if you wanna make season 2. I know all the “reality” shows are scripted to a degree but girl pleaseeee.

    Gary Busey was kind of funny tho this week cause he really is nuts and Selena steals every scene she is in. And Your parents are adorable.

    Needs work tho sister that’s all I’m sayin.

    All in love,


  18. I’d love to watch the show but being from the UK..I can’t!! I was just wondering has Margaret any plans to do a tour in the UK as I’d definitely go with my boyfriend as we both love her and have her DVDs! Also, is Beautiful being recorded for DVD like the others? Thanks!!

  19. Ms. Cho,

    I love your show !!!! You are super funny and I love your tats !!!! See ya on VH1 !!


  20. Hello Margaret,

    I wanted to let you know that I am addicted to your new show! I saw Chelsea Handler talk about your new show, and while I usually only watch three things, news, chelsea and food network, oh and court tv, I thought I’d check it out. So glad I did. I love the entire format- everything! The sex tape was hilarious!!

    I own a celebrity blog called PoorBritney.com (humor, news, gossip) and normally I only write about Britney and spoofs, satire, etc related to her. You earned your way into my occassional “other discovery” posts and that’s an honor!

    Looking forward to much more Cho and I love your parents! PLEASE stay on tv, you make my day and open up my mind 🙂


  21. Margaret,

    We love you here in south Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girl, your show hits the spot for my wife and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to your enthusiasm and just your raw passion for truth and fun!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you can check out my website

    Peace ~
    Rev. Geffen

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