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  1. Every time it tells me I can’t watch in Canada, I die a little inside.

    GOOD THING I can still find stand-up clips on youtube. <3

  2. Absolutely love your new show! Became a HUGE fan many (MANY) years back during college years. Happened to catch part of your show on t.v. – talking about when you were visiting the South and rednecks.

    Anyways, finally got a chance to see you LIVE when you were in Des Moines IA! My hubby surprised me with tickets and the poor guy had to drive several hours just so that I could see you!

    Btw, WHY IOWA??? LOL =P

  3. SWEEP! (I concur.)

    And “It may have been me, because I don’t remember” – yeeeeah…I think we’ve all be guilty of that a time or two. 😉

  4. Hey gurl! all I got to say is that you and Selene together are truble. You two together make me laugh so hard I’m always changeing my undies, it’s making me crazy cause my undies are cute. I’m gonna have to get superhero pull ups if I keep this up and well I think they are cute…for pull ups

    xoxo, Skot

  5. saw your show yesterday and was thrilled to see it. another reality series worth watching. and i already added you on my tivo recorder. congrats on the award, you so deserve it 😀

  6. Margaret,
    This does not play outside the U.S. (the vimeo does). Can you change that? Your people need you…globally!
    Love, b

  7. Marget i love you show!!! i just got done watching the new episode.Are you sreious having your own day is amazing! I’m looking forward to celabrating cho day!!!! I do have a question for you…. I hear you talk about you mommy sooo much and i love the fact that you are so close with your family… I digress… Anyway on you show you said something about your mom being a singer where can i find her music??? I’ve looked high and low but can’t find anything. Could you please point me in the right direction. By the way That asshole director that said you had a triple chin should stick to his day job! I don’t see him in spreads or on covers in magazines. Your SXEY!
    Love alwayz your non koren and very white and freckled Fan

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