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  1. And we love YOU!!!!

    The Cho Show will be like evangelical tv for tattooed sex positive divas who like to get their freak on. Hallelujah!

  2. Margaret….GIRL…I LOVE U like COOKED FOOD….Listen..Just like Bobby has followed your path, I’m one of those people who is taking the same journey. U ROCK SUGAR!!!!….and I know u believe that..deep down, u do. I’m so happy to know that i can watch more of you now. PLEASE keep up the good work!! And remember there is an aspiring Photographer in Brooklyn, NY who’s got YOUR BACK BABYGIRL!!!! ALWAYS!!! Give your Mom & Dad a great big hug and kiss for me …..they are amazing!!

  3. awesome
    I wish you’d come back to the UK!

    I also saw a photo of you with Damien Echols (I’ve read your piece in the book in support of them) – I really thought that perhaps this time there was a real chance for retrial – but no.
    So sad and so fucking ridiculous.

  4. Margaret, not only do you make me want to get (multiple) tattoos, but I want to have nasty funtime with you. You are like a cake made of awesome, and thank you for everything that you are and you do.

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