The Cho Show: Episode 1 Online Now!

If you want a sneak peek of the first episode of “The Cho Show,” please go here…

Also, Saturday night I am going to go see Garrison Starr at The Mint so if you are in LA, come down and hang out!!

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  1. quest cu cep’t with the videos being only for americans?

    First you cancel my show in Edmonton…
    (Im driving to Calgary(ANOTHER RE BOOKED SHOW) to see you now, in CRAP SEATS (since i dont get first crack at them))

    I J U S T W A N N A L O V E Y O U TOO!!!
    let me love you…

  2. 🙁 I love you sooo much Margaret – I’ve only been able to learn about you thanks to YouTube as there’s so little of you down here in Australia! I would have loved to see the first episode of your show, but like the Canadians on here I unfortunately am unable to view it thanks to the US restriction.. what a sad day! Meanwhile, if you ever come to Australia, let me know and I’ll give you a tour of Sydney, I’ve had a lot of international friends come visit me, so I know it pretty well now 🙂 Plus Oxford Street is gay central! Love it!

  3. You are my favorite comedian ever. When I first saw your show some years back, I thought finally a Korean that has broke all the boundaries. It make me happy to know that there is a role model out there that challenges the way people think about themselves and others. You kick ass.

  4. Alas, Margaret. I am immensely pleased that you are back on tv and am very excited about your new show.

    Unfortunately, the clips don’t seem to be accessible to non-US viewers.

  5. Oh so sad! I love you Margaret and am SO super excited about your new show, but I live in the Netherlands and VH1 won’t allow access to your show if you’re not in the US. What a huge disappointment. Good luck anyway with the show.

  6. Finally, I have been doing Netflix repeats of your shows, over and over again…
    I have missed you!! you make me laugh OUT loud…..:)…almost snort…..

  7. ps. i think you have alot more friends than face book says…i was unable to be a friend, because I don’t have an account…

    I will watch all your shows…..

  8. Ok so im a aspiring comic in this big ole world and I have to say this is the most inspring woman in my life! Shes a real life crazy bitch and Id be more than honored to carry a baby cho (when we figure out how ta do all that lol) would even change my name to Jeremy Cho, imagine the looks id get…..kickass!

  9. as a 27 year old W.A.S.P I’ve been a fan of Ms. Cho since I was watching her cable shows in the 90’s on my rural Kentucky town’s first cable TV provider. Though we’re from totally different worlds I could always relate to her defiance and alienation. Though perhaps I’m not a usual fan I will always be a fan. Next time you pass through Nashville or Louisville let me know Margaret; I’ll buy a few rounds because I made it out of the hell hole of my youth and humor like yours helped pave the way. Tis the least I could do for such a bad ass chick. 😉

  10. why is it us guys in OZ can never get to see any of this stuff outside the US? we love you down here too!

  11. Margret, this is sooooooooooooooooooooo unfair, people outside the US also love you and are dying to see the other episodes… I have been going crazy! Save your fans in Lebanon!

    I saw episode one and some interviews with you around the show, I love it. Come on, bring it on and let it spill outside the borders of the US! It feels like cold-turkey! AAAHHHHHH!

  12. Hi Cho, I have enjoyed your show so much, I’m a 59 year old Grandmother, and you have a wonderful family. And you are not ugly, your a very pretty lady. So keep your tits in the air and keep on truckin. love ya Dolly

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