New Tattoo from Mike Davis


I got this tattoo from this man. This is Mike Davis. We spent many hours together in his shop – EVERLASTING TATTOO in San Francisco. It rules. He rules. If you want a tattoo, go there, bitch.

I look fucken hot, except for the bruising…


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  1. Some people can really look like dirtbags with tattoos and others look super fierce. You my dear are looking a little dirtbaggie!! J/K You are the fierced bitch ever!!! Are you going to tat up your legs?

  2. I appreciate the skill and art of those who can tattoo.
    It’s an amazing talent.

    I had a crush on a heavily tattooed person, so I became VERY interested in tattooing, but I never went ahead with it and I am glad. I am not putting it down but my tastes change art in people, etc, so it would not be for me.
    I did start with piercing, since you can just let it grow over.

    The thing I realized is that you can definately get addicted to it–the piercing, the ritual, the feel and me thinks that’s what’s happening here.

  3. I think that you Rawwwwwwwkkkk i love to see
    women heavily Tattoo and dont two CRAPS what
    people think about you….i also think that you
    keep it real SO US TATTOOED FREAKS love ya
    and keeo the F-innnnnnn ink Cuming hun
    Andy notattoo nolife(^_^)

  4. Mike Davis is the rare combination of a Hillbilly and a Fudgepacker.

    Hailing from Miamisburg, Ohiya if we were in Prision I would’nt sell him for a hole CARTON of smokes!!!

  5. Margaret

    I was in the 12th row front and center at your last show in CA and I could see your tats from there.

    Whoever did them, rocks!!!

    Beautiful !! – (tour)

  6. My skin is unmarked, so apologies if my comments come across as a bit daft…

    I am of the opinion that a lot of tattoos look very tacky, but yours are so feminine and beautiful. They just suit you. I love them.

  7. So I had made the decision a while back that I was going to get a peony on my left foot and booked an appointment with a friend of a friend. I caught an episode of your Vh1 show and saw your gorgeous peony on your chest and looked up who the artist was and he’s the owner of the same place I’m going, Everlasting in SFO!

    Super excited and you just helped me seal the deal lol :*.Your awesome btw :)!


  9. sweet tattoo. mike davis is surely one awesome tattoo artist and painter. i got one of this phrases from his paintings done on my chest and use the phrase a lot on my blog. just go to blog and you’ll see in in my header. your tattoo looks super cool and is placed perfectly. mad sexy!

  10. Mike gave me my first tattoo in Cincinnati. Margaret’s are so beautiful I want to get more.(If my husband will let me.)I hope to find an artist in Cincinnati that can come close to Mike’s talent. Mike if your in town look us up.
    By the way- your still Hawt!!! as ever.

  11. Margaret You are HOT GF. I love your Rose and the Peacock tattoo.. I have over 15 of my own and always in the transition stage of getting a new one lol.. We are Family!!!! Hugs, Rosey Rainjana 🙂

  12. Damn Margaret! You scream sexy!!!! Those tats are fantastic! I need one of those on my titties. I got a nice tramp stamp a while back. It is tribal with the letters FMAH inscribed in the design. FMAH means Fuck My Ass Hard (with dildo’s, fingers and tongues)!

    You rock Margaret!!! Love ya!
    Tina XXXOOO

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