Chris Crocker

I love Chris Crocker! This video is like church. It is like cute, little, baby gay church. I love him. His hair is all long now. I think he looks like a very beautiful, very young, pre-‘Pretty Woman’ Julia Roberts. Sparkly eyes and glossy lips. You need to send him a fruit basket!!

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  1. I wanna send YOU a fruit basket, Margaret! It was such a treat to have you here in Australia for Mardi Gras! Your show was so wonderful! I really hope you will come back soon!

  2. Kills me.

    Some straight girlfriends aren’t as dedicated to their gay boyfriends as they should be though… in terms of the friend’s opinion that is. If he says drop em, you should, no questions. These girls end up learning the hard way that the gay man can see clarity in the situation that their emotions won’t let them.

  3. Oh Amen. I’m so glad my Gander is one of them men that loves my gay friends and they love him too. He’s all up in and about the boys. And he’s that rare man that the lesbians just adore.
    Fruit Baskets for all.

  4. Even with a recommendation from Margaret Cho I cannot sit through a Chris Crocker video. No matter how pretty he is.

  5. I love my Margaret Cho……….but man I hate this guy and I’m a gay guy. He just grates every last nerve I have, he doesn’t need a fruit basket….he is one.

  6. OMG! He looks so much like Julia. They should remake Pretty Woman starring Chris Crocker. But who should do Richard Gere? Maybe Rupert Everett?

  7. You are right about the Julia Roberts thing, and this performance was waaaay better than Erin Brockovich!!! And should a giant fruit really be talking about sending fruit TO fruits? My gay best friend and I are a little offended by that.

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