12 thoughts on “Roseanne

  1. OH MY motherfuckin GOODNESS!!

    Both of you women are phenomenal. I admire you so much.

    I echo the statement above, seeing you together is like a dream come true.

    Hey wait, seeing you two together… SHOW? Could we do something about that please?!

  2. 2 ugly, annoying and unfunny women who cant speak properly. great.
    please cho, give it up, youre so desperately untalented it hurts.

  3. Roseanne should be bigger than Oprah at this point- I want to see a Roseanne network, magazine, and a Roseanne superstore- something like Wal-Mart, but not evil and when you walk in the door makes a sound like her laugh.

  4. Yeah, and okay, Naysayer. I can see this happening: “Margaret Cho quits performing, citing pain caused by anonymous insults from adolescent internet douche”.

  5. Hey, Margaret~

    We love you here in Canada, too, so… why can’t we see the videos? I see a message that says ‘not available outside the US’.

    Love ya, love to see you more!

    british columbia, canada 🙂

  6. I think that you two should do an arc on Big Bang Theory where you come in as a love interest, and Roseanne ends up being Wolowitz’ mother (since so many Roseanne cast members have popped up on that show.) That mother character is perfect for her and you would be amazing as a love interest!

  7. naysayer btc – what a douche. obviously jealous that roseanne and margaret made something of their lives, and you’re stuck posting sad comments on the internet.

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