Subject: I love you!


me and my lezzy friends went to see you in toronto at massey hall. it was my second cho sho, but their first. i deflowered them and open their eyes to the world of cho. you rocked. i laughed so hard, my face hurt.

the first show i saw was the assassin also at massey hall in toronto. everytime i hear about you coming i always try to go!

i LOVE your “eat me out” song. you should totally put out an album. my puss is great too. i meant the song. haha. you also made me like that kelly with the top. that song is so catchy.

just wanted to share that i love you and you’re the coolest! i have you on facebook!! (i’m tina holly) haha. (who doesn’t? facebook has taken over the world for real.. i know EVERYONE’s business because of facebook!).

i have your book, a friend gave it to me. it was hilarious… especially the description of some girl with a cyst in her eye…. i read it a few years ago, i don’t know why that’s the only thing i remember, but the rest was grand fo sho!

well hopefully i can hear from you sometime! i know you’re a busy lady and probably get all kinds of mail.

much love!!


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