A Sexy Combo

American Apparel is probably the store I shop at the most. They are ubiquitous, with branches in every shopping area in every city I go to, and I can’t have enough leggings or boy briefs in bright 80s colors. American Apparel reminds me of an 80s store called “Units” which was all cotton lycra separates in coordinating colors that you could mix and match and never get wrong, kind of like adult Garanimals. I like American Apparel because anything you could buy there is wearable for an entire 24 hour period – like you can do everything in their clothes – including work out and go to bed – they are that comfortable and versatile.

Now they are selling Hitachi Magic Wands, and I think it is a genius move. The Hitachi Magic Wand is not only my favorite sex toy – it is the deal breaker in many a relationship. Its first appearance on the bed is a serious test for any prospective lover. They have to be able to work with the wand, wield it with some authority, or at least be able to learn to use the vibration to enhance their own moves. I think of it as a chance to be a Jedi, with your very own light saber and an all matching hot pink roller boogie shorts and tank top outfit with thigh high athletic socks!!! This is a very sexy combo – American Apparel and magic wands!

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  1. I love American Apparel’s clothes (a lot!), but I’m really conflicted over the things that I’ve read about Dov Charney. The articles that I’ve read about him in magazines and on Jezebel make me incredibly angry, which in turn makes me conflicted about buying his products. I’ve started looking for alternatives. Have you read any of this? What do you think?

  2. I’m a long time fan of your comedy, and a long time reader of your blog (I think as long as it’s been up?) and this seriously saddens me. I expected you, an amazingly sex positive voice, to speak out against American Apparels’ sex damaging practices. Too often this chain is applauded (yay for sweat shop free!) to the point of ignoring all other issues (their workshops aren’t great, they union bust, and you can read many an article on how they have treated their employees horribly). For more information, check out any of the many articles here or here. (And if you, or your readers, are wondering why you haven’t heard of these issues before, as many of the articles mention – journalists have been sued by AA for “libel” when writing about these issues, as the company tried to keep it off the radar.)

    I expected more from you.

  3. Their clothes may be comfortable, but their paternalism and workplace lechery give me a rash! I look forward to the day when we progressives stop confusing sex-positivity with a blase attitude toward workplace harassment and lack of boundaries. Dov Charney has been sued more times for sexual harassment than the guy who created Girls Gone Wild (see http://clamormagazine.org/issues/38/aa/straub.php).

    This post made me sad.

  4. Oh yes!!! I love American Apparel! So cute and comfy. Great prices too.

    Putting on my bitch-hat now:
    Honestly people, if you can’t stand to look at their catalog (or porn for that matter), quit bitching about it and exercise your right to JUST NOT LOOK AT IT. It’s called moving on. Try it. 🙂

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