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  1. I DO! this was such a great night out on the town for me and my good friend in NYC. It was so amazing, and fun, and funny. It has inspired me to keep working on my own body-positive film work, which is still fledgling, but it will continue.

  2. I do! My girl and I saw you in NYC and the show was amazing, and we met you and Diana and Liam in the little bar downstairs after the show and you were all so sweet and so beautiful! Thank you for that.

  3. My Friends and I agree. HANDS DOWN The Sensuous Woman was the most entertaining show we have ever been to. PLEASE put it on DVD. I still have memories of the Wizard of Oz, “Me SO Horny” and “Dirty Diana”

  4. Hi Margaret! I loved your show! I miss it very much!! It was totally liberating. I took a foto with my bare ass out next to your poster at the venue. Princess Farhanna was kind enough to take the pic of my ASS! 🙂

    YOU guys RAW-KED!

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