Family Feud!

We all did celebrity Family Feud yesterday and we kicked ass! We didn’t win, but we made a very respectable showing. We played against Corbin Bernsen and his family, who were very nice and good opponents. They ended up winning and going up against the American Chopper dudes who were super cool!

I was really proud of my parents because they didn’t know what Family Feud was. The only thing they have that is similar in Korea was the war. They did remarkably well and my dad even razzed host Al Roker a little. It was awesome. We did just as good as any white family would have!



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  1. M you should just do your own asian family sitcom, freelance. Maybe now is the time. If you make it, the network executives will come. And I’ll totally help you. You could sort of build off the Cosby show and Grey’s Anatomy and Harold and Kumar and totally do your own thing exploring Asian stereotypes, the particular types of discrimination, self-esteem, and self-image issues that Asian Americans face at school, in the workplace, and even at home among each other. The networks are absolutely banking on the whole sharp dramedy with dramatic points just as serious as the comedic points are funny right now, and that’s sooooooo your style. I think you will need some help writing and really excellent talent (Bobby Lee could be your dorky gay brother and Sandra Oh or that chick from Lost could be your high falutin’ rich sister who moved back to Seol and looks down on the rest of the family whenever she visits, in a comedic way, and you could reunite all those really good actresses from the Joy Luck club while you’re at it.)

    I didn’t even know 21 was about Asian Americans, and I don’t know what’s more outrageous, that the lead characters are not AAs, or that the media is not even picking up on this and how extremely fucked up it is.

  2. we watched your tv show dvd yesterday, and WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THE MARGARET CHO TV SHOW … pleaaaaaaaaaase do one. WE LOVE you.
    totally… you crack us up and calm us down and make us think… so thank you.

  3. Awesome! My family would fail miserably at FF. Bahaha, that show is ridiculously awesome. And it just got some extra cool points. Oh it is so cool that you did that.

  4. I watch FF tonight -but only to see your family. I wish you had been on longer. When you left so did I. Your parents are so smart and great on camera! I especially loved it when your father told Al it was rude to ask about the tattoo!

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