SF Cho Day Photos

Here is me with Mayor Gavin Newsom and my friend, Theresa Sparks. We are looking like such local government!!



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  1. Hey maggie, If it wasn’t for gays and chubby chasers, who would see you live?
    I am simply running it over in my head why you believe you are in any way relevant.

  2. Hey girl!

    Just wanted to stop by and say you are amazing and a true idol of mine!! You look great in the episode of your show of you in sf!! Your photo shoot with your whole crew as the wiz of oz! I just think you are truly inspirational..


  3. FU C

    Margaret rocks, and if you even bothered to check out her TV show or see her live you would know why she is relevant. She is a fantastically funny Asian American woman who isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind, no matter how outrageous or inappropriate. We love you Margaret…xo
    The Rest of Us!!!

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