Daily Puppy

Sometimes I can’t start my day without looking at DailyPuppy.com – a website devoted to pictures of dogs, puppies and grownup puppies. They update it every single day, and I will even log on at midnight just to see the dog changeover.

I love dogs of all kinds, and I when I look at them, I think about where I might kiss them: right on the dog lips, on the top of their soft dog heads, and on their dog chest, where they should be petted a lot because it makes them thrust out their chest and makes them proud – it is a dog psychological thing. I imagine petting them right at the base of their tail, which will make a lot of dogs legs start to kick out of sheer pleasure. I also imagine what kind of corn chip feet smell they will have – is it like Fritos or Doritos? MMM Cool Ranch!

My friend Ryan Landry says his dogs feet don’t have a corn chip smell because they are so clean, and so he keeps an open bag of Fritos by the bed so he can huff them. He has one two three Jack Russell terriers (the middle girl named after me!) and every time he kisses one, he kisses the others too – all equally so there is no jealousy. He grew up in a household with many siblings and he felt the sting of the rivalry, so he makes sure to love them all exactly the same.

Daily Puppy also has bios of the dogs in the pictures, turn ons and turn offs – kind of like Playboy, but it is dogs not people. One day I hope my lovely dogs will be featured on Daily Puppy!

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  1. I answer a mental health crisis hotline, and I don’t think I could make it through a day without cuteoverload.com. And now Daily Puppy has been added my support structure. 🙂

  2. Oh, I am so glad to hear someone else talk about the corn chip smell of dog feet. People always look at me like I am crazy…. I have been validated.

  3. I wish we could afford to live in a place with enough outdoor space for a dog. My 3-year-old watches the movie Cats & Dogs repeatedly and sings, “I wannnnnt a dog… I want a dooooog!” He’ll love that website.

  4. my JRT has that corn chip smell too, but i thought it was coming from his ass area. good to know it is from his feet!

  5. I had a dog, but than I moved and he’s with my sister. He was the cutest little thing, all happy and jumping around.

    Oh man, I miss Biu ._.’

  6. My girlfriend and I (yes I’m a straight guy with a girlfriend LOL!) loved your show last night in Seattle. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

  7. Yeah, okay, I’m a pervert.
    I like blowing “motorboats” on my dog’s tummy.
    Also those moments of sheer wonder when I lick her nose before she licks mine. Like “What the fuck? That’s my job!”
    I don’t know about the “corn chip” thing, but I would cheerfully bottle “Puppy Breath” and put it on the market if I could.
    Anyway, first time writer.
    Transgendered MtF and politically you are my role model.
    Rock on Alpha bitch!

  8. I have had my dog for almost three years and never really thought about the smell of his feet… just thought it was dog…

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I grabbed his little footsies and they smell like fritos! Haha it’s a wonder he doesn’t devour them.

    MWA. Phreaked.

  9. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to Anchorage! My boyfriend got me tickets to see you for our anniversery. I was so excited to go to your show and you were even more wonderful than I imagined you’d be! Please stay the wonderful, beautiful person you are on the outside and on the inside!

  10. I’ve smelled my Chihuahua Ren’s feet before but they just smelled like…dog :\. Maybe I should make him run around in Ruffles or something 😉

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