Dog Kisses

How do you kiss your dogs? I like to kiss my dogs all the time. Every once in a while, they will let me kiss them on the lips, but it is rare. That is fun though because I really love dog lips because they are thin and black and sometimes shiny like they wear lip gloss.

My medium middle girl, Bronwyn, who is very beautiful and has many nicknames, like “briony” – after “Atonement” or just “brown” or “brownie” – after her coloring, which is a light honey, cinnamon brown with white spots like she is dotted with macadamia nuts, usually gets kissed on the cheeks. She has high cheekbones due to her mixed up dog heritage, so she gets kissed on both cheeks, above her whisker line European style. One cheek then the other cheek. She has gotten kissed like this so much she knows to turn her head slightly to receive it.

My big boy, Ralph, whose nickname is “Ralph Rapherton, private eye,” which is not a short nickname, but a fitting one, because he is a lot like a private investigator because he has an office, which is a small dark space under some stairs in my backyard where he can go in and receive visits from mysterious ladies wearing picture hats, usually gets kissed all over the space between his ears, because his fur is very soft there and feels good on the lips.

My littlest, Gudrun, who I have been calling “Gud-rin” because she is a lot like “exce-drin” in that she takes pain away, has a little caramel colored diamond on the top of her head, which is what we call a “kissing diamond.” She gets kissed there.

Although all my dogs have designated kissing areas, I would like to mention they are also kissed ‘freestyle,’ which means they get kissed in a ‘jazz improv’ way all over their entire dog bodies with the exception of the ‘whisker line’ – too sensitive and can bend and damage whiskers – which are very important! They aren’t just cute! They help the dog keep his or her balance.

Where do you kiss your dogs, cats, children, etc?

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  1. i have 2 cats, equally crazy and beautiful. Mini gets her kisses on her cheek while i hold her. She squints her eyes and bears it. Oscar, on the other hand, gets his kisses European style much like your Bronwyn. He’s very sophisticated. Never too many kisses!

  2. My mastiff gets his kisses on his droopy cheeks 🙂 You grab hold of a few folds on either side (he’s a Neapolitan, so many many folds) and just MWAH. So freaking adorable, that dog.

  3. I would never kiss my cats! They are ruthless killers (in a cute, loveable way) with razor sharp claws. Any bird looking for refuge in my backyard is taking its life into its own hands. They only allow me to live because I know how to pet them, with one stroke from behind the ears to the tip of the tail.

  4. I like to kiss my cat (Maggie aka Maggie May or Pretty Kitty) on her forehead – the fur is especially soft there, and when I do it, her eyes close and her ears bend back a little. <3 My treeing walker hound (Dixie, aka Dixie chick, Dixie doodle, Dixel Pixel) gets kissed sometimes on the cheek after a hug, although sometimes I like to give her a series of quick smooches all over her head. She likes kisses, and if you’ve had a bad day, all your troubles will go away if you give her some hugs. <3 I love my babies!

  5. I kiss my little Min Pin, Zoey, ALL OVER.
    She then returns with nose-cleaning kisses,
    and she likes to gnaw on my dreads,
    and then when we go to bed she’ll
    kiss all of your skin off on your tummy or arm.

    She has a cute little mole/freckle on her cheek that I will kiss a lot,
    but I mostly like to nibble on her thigh, the only place on her
    body that has any sort of meat.

    You should post pictures of these adorable dogs of yours.

  6. My Bouvier des Flandres, Aslan, is a chin-kisser and and air-kisser (he licks the air near you to show how happy he is to see you), but likes to get kisses on the top of his head and on his ears, which are the softest ears in all of dogdom.

  7. Grab their muzzles and smack one right on those beautiful canine lips. Ellie, my middle one…a high strung chocolate, likes to lick my cheeks; Mags, the youngest but my largest, a brindle boerboel, likes to be kissed any place my lips might find. As a puppy, her coat felt like silk. And Andy, my oldest — an adopted rat terrier border collie, gives the sweetest little kisses with his soft tiny little tongue.

    Can’t wait to catch you at the Warner tonight…

  8. my kitkats get kissed all over, even on their paws. i love kissing them, and they hate hate it! they are so soft. my fave parts to kiss are behind their ears. they rarely get lip kisses cuz they hate kisses so much, so i try not to torture them too much.

  9. I didn’t kiss my kitten, but we used to touch noses because I read somewhere that to a cat, that’s more like kissing then actually kissing them. And it’s sweet because instead of me imposing my kiss on her it was voluntary, she touched noses with me cause she wanted to.

  10. My low rider, Harley (Oswald: middle name; my browndog) gets it right smack on those dog lips we’re so fond of……he’s oldest & biggest…some sort of mutt type. Neo, my sausage dog (an unfortunate tricolor chihuahua beagle ? mix) gets it on the blaze on this forehead…he hates it…..and my baby grrl Scout (scooter pie the pie grrl; long haired chihuahua that I keep clipped short) gets kissed right on her sweet pink white haired belly. I’d love to see pics of your furkids.

  11. I have 2 miniture schanauzers one is blonde and about 2 years old.
    The other is liver parti and is 10 months old.
    I kiss on top of the head or the top of their back.
    I am more of a butt scratcher and belly rubber than I am kisser though.
    If there were a transposition of the above sentence, then that might not be good.

  12. my cat ( she doesnt have a real name i just call her cat, or shitbox but in a nice way) hates kisses but i still give her some on the top of her head all the time.

  13. i have resigned myself as a hopeless and saccharine animal lover.
    my cat Paquito (also: Chauncy the English Gentleman or Tippy Tay or Juicy or Peeps or Stinkrat, all terms of love and affection) gets kissed on the top of his head. but he also likes to bonk heads, mostly whilst i’m using the washroom. why do cats love being in the bathroom with people so much? i know it’s not me. god forbid i close the door and take a seat before he gets in there.
    there! i’ve shared!
    Margaret Cho, you are the bizniss.

  14. I love my dog, I just found out he has cancer. He is a briard, chow chow mix, fluffy big and brown. I do enjoy the puppy kisses, but then I remember all the time he spends licking his balls. The “sloorp sloorp” sound they make and then he walks over and I give him a lick of my ice cream cone (in the literal sense) pervs.


  15. My younger cat gets nuzzled. She’s very shy and jumpy and scared, having been an ally cat for a few short months when a kitten. I got her at 5 months at the shelter, very shy and scared, but so soft and trusting and friendly too.

    Over the years, I’ve slowly built up her trust so that if I close my eyes and lean in close, she will nuzzle my face and maybe lick my nose. Her breath is kitty and strong, but her fur is the softest, sweetest thing in the whole world. Especially on her face and head. When she lets me in close I sneak a quick kiss. It’s heaven.

    I know just how she feels. I’m all jumpy and scared my whole life from early trauma. My lovers have to sneak up on me too for kisses. Ive been known to bite and scratch too, when feeling cornered.

  16. I like to bury my nose on that soft fur on top of my cats’ heads, and smell that lovely smell of cat fur (each one smells different too) while I kiss them.

    The one likes kisses, and rubs his face against mine, the other gives his own kisses, which are almost like licks – which are not so fun at 6am when you’re trying to sleep!

    Aaw, lovely post – I’m going to find my cats and give them kisses now. 🙂

  17. No dogs here sadly, and one cat who is a queen Diva bitch. No kisses for her unless you sneak it in, and then you’re on her shit list for 24 hours. We do have four guinea pigs, however, who love nothing more than to be rolled onto their backs so their tummies can be covered in kisses. Unfortunately they don’t like face kisses because they’re prey animals in nature, so having a mouth coming at your head that way…you can imagine the freakout that ensues.

  18. I have 3 dogs who have to be given the exact amount of attention and kisses equally because I don’t want us to become a dysfunctional family. My big boy “Circles”(Collie/Husky mix) gets 3 kisses on the top of his head while I scratch his back; he loves that so much he picks up his back legs alternately like he’s dancing…too cute! My medium sized dog “Taz”( Bichon-Friese; overweight like his daddy) gets 3 kisses on his snout right behind his nose while I scratch his ears and he sighs and wimpers! My little guy “Mr. Milo”(adorable, almost human-like, long-haired chihauhau) lies on his back and gets 3 kisses on his little chest and pats me on the head with his little front paws..this guy sleeps on his back with a pillow under his head and a little blanket(pink faux fur!!) He loves jumping in between my partner and I at night getting jealous when we exchange our good night kisses.
    All my boys are gay but are involved in a very disturbing love triangle. Mr. Milo likes Circles and Taz likes Circles too; Circles is too cool because he spends time cuddling with each one at different times when the other is asleep or distracted! I got them all from animal shelters several years ago. Circles first in ’01, then Mr. Milo ’02 and finally Taz ’03. I love my boys because:

    To your dog
    you are the greatest,
    the smartest, the nicest
    human being who
    was ever born.
    Louis Sabin

  19. Wow.. I guess I’m the only one. I kiss my dog on her nose ALL the time. Right on the end, the part without hair. But I also kiss right where the hair starts on her nose, her cheeks, and the top of her head.

    My male cat I kiss on his nose, he leans in for them but his sister HATES me kissing her nose so only on top of her head.

  20. my freecycle JRT just has to plop down next to me on his back, flash me this goofy smile showing his canine teeth and use his paw to touch my hand. this earns him BELLYRUBBINS, which he loves almost more than leftover bacon. my son swears JRT is only touching my hand so i will move down lower and give him a happy ending after his bellyrubbins. that hasn’t worked on me since junior high!

  21. I kiss my cat atop of the head, sometimes on her cheek if she’s snuggled up to me right. I kiss my bunnies atop of their noses and my birds at the top of their wings when they allow me.

  22. I kiss my “Yoshi Monkey” (odd terrier, daschund mix) smack dab on the eyes. Of course, on the eyeLIDS only, as when he see’s me comin’ at him, he closes them very tightly. I didn’t know about the whisker thing…helps them to balance? Thanks for the 411!

  23. I love to kiss my baby dog, Benjamin (jack russell cross – jerk russell) all over his head. I grab him and “mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah…”. He only likes about two and then he gets mad and wriggles and wriggles and tries to leave. I don’t let go, I keep kissing.

  24. My fat-ass maine coon cat, Sophie, actually lets me kiss her between the eyes, on the nose and on the lips/mouth. I have never had a cat so tolerant of kisses, but I shall enjoy it for the next 10 years or so. My sister lost part of her cornea trying to do the same thing with her cat.

  25. My nervous nelly cat, Midnight will accept a kiss on her head between her ears. I rub my face on her head and give her kiss after kiss until she slinks away all freaked out. Guess what color my kitty is??
    My dog Eli or Elijah (border collie/lab/pointer mix) loves and expects multiple waves of kisses all over his head when I get home every day. He will push me onto the sofa and sit on my head until he receives his daily dose of lovin. Its so wonderful. Totally calms me down after a “day”.

  26. I have three jack russells. All boys. Mike likes to be kissed right between the eyes. Roger likes to be kissed on top of his head. And Emmet likes it right on his ripe-olive nose. And al three appreciate a little peck on the tops of their front paws; not the frito-smelling pads, but the tops of their feet, like we’re all continental and I’m kissing ladies’ hands. This possibly indicates some classifiable pathology, but it is what we do.

  27. I love to kiss my cat everywhere on the face and sometimes I kiss her paws because they are so cute. My favorite place is the space where her ears connect to the top of her head, they feel like soft velvet and she always purrs when I kiss her because she knows how much Mommy loves her. But the best thing is that sometimes she’ll kiss me back by licking my nose or hand or whatever! Animals are angels in fur, I swear sometimes I think I like them better than people.

  28. I have a black and white shih tzu/poodle named Emo who loves to give kisses. Every morning my 7 month old puppy (yes, he’s still a puppy to me) hops into my bed and licks my face until I wake up. I mostly kiss him between the eyes and on the cheeks.

  29. My puppies Maddie and Daina, (6yr old and 1yr old) will have kisses anywhere, and i will give them! I especially love the little crinkly bit between their ear and head that is so so soft. I love belly kisses (mostly on fatty maddie the beagle), paws kisses and pretending to blow my nose on their soft tissue ears. Daina my staffy baby usualy gets carried like a baby on my hip… she ways more than 12 yr old child tho. But mummy loves her and her fat sister dearly.

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