Dave Navarro

Here are some photos of me with gorgeous Dave Navarro!!

Even this didn’t make my G-Shot work.



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  1. Oh. My. Color me fucking jealous! LOL.

    I have always found that man gorgeous and awesome. Please tell me you at least got smoochies from him!

    Damn that G-shot.

  2. Margaret honey! he is touching my g-sopt just looking at him, whats wrong with you girl! He He He, lots of love, Skot

  3. Hey pretty lady, thank you for bring joy to my life. You are smokin’ hot in these pictures. And that skin… that skin… are you an angel?

  4. wow…you both look fabulous! um, between your lovely lips and his hands, i`ve been reduced to a babbling idiot.

    thank you for making bisexuality even more appealing. (didn`t know that was possible!)

  5. There is something that has always driven me nuts about Dave, and I don’t mean sexually (although he does drive me nuts sexually…) I guess I’m just wondering when he’s going to put it all out there hardcore, like full on “Dave Navarro Presents: Dave Navarro Beating Off PleasureDome Style”. There was a photo on his website years ago where he was working on his junk but it disappeared, and as much as I feel a latent shame for sexualizing him in that way, I figure he’s played plenty-a-part in sexualizing many others.

    So I eagerly anticipate the day when Dave lays the jock-strap smackdown in video form, because I will be the first in line with my credit card number.

  6. You look so coy and I can only blame that on your g spot shot because I’d be ripping my clothes off if he were that close to me.

    Further proof that you are a tough titties, Ms. Margaret!

  7. I always assumed that Dave Navarro would be the “scary-I-hate-fags-rock-god” guy. Whilst waiting tables at fine dining restaurant in NYC; I got him, Perry Farrell, Perry’s wife, and assorted “entourage” (but no Carmen Electra) seated in my section, and I was like “FUCK!”. I thought… “They are gonna treat me like shit, and keep me here all night.”. I was so very wrong. They were all such sweet, lovely, people. Perry and Dave especially were very kind, they looked AT me when they spoke to me, and basically treated me like a human being instead of a piece of garbage….(Mariah Carey, J.Lo, etc. etc.) I fell in LOVE with Dave that night. Who knew?

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