The Rebel Yell
Margaret Cho entertains, shocks at Palms

By Michael Lyle

Margaret Cho is beautiful.

At least that is what she told the audience, who welcomed her with a standing ovation at the Pearl inside the Palms on March 29.

Of course, it wasn’t her beauty or lessons of being beautiful that captured the audience’s attention of a nearly sold-out theater. It was her comical anecdotes on political issues such as Iraq, sex scandals, prostitution and immigration that induced the entire laugh-filled evening.

For example, Cho had a simple solution for ending the war in Iraq.

“We should just send Lindsay Lohan to Iraq and bring the troops home,” Cho said as her answer to end the war. “Tell [Lohan] they have cocaine.”

As a person engaged in the political realm, Cho has taken great amusement in the amount of sex scandals that have swept the nation.

One scandal in particular that lead to many jokes, was of Sen. Larry Craig.

The audience was entertained as she connected the dots between the fact that the politicians who are the most against gay marriage and gay rights are the first to “stick his dick in the glory hole.”

“He is like Oliver saying ‘please sir, can I have some more,'” Cho said. “He is a sorry queen without a piano bar.”

As a self-proclaimed “lifetime fag-hag” Cho also enlightened the audience on how she became a fag hag and her own sexuality.

“I’m not bi. I’m I,” Cho said as she told the audience she is interested in anybody who wants her as well.

The audience was later appalled to hear the reason why she “compliments herself daily” and talks about beauty was because of a talk show host who asked her, “what would you do if you woke up one morning and you were beautiful?”

The audience thought Cho was beautiful, shouting it along with “we love you” through out the night.

Performing on the same stage Britney Spears “danced” on for the MTV music awards in September 2007, Cho decided to give a more energetic impersonation of Spears’ routine as she opened the show.

But it was made clear to the audience that Cho thinks Spears is beautiful as well, and was upset that people called her fat.

“High out of her mind, yes,” Cho said. “But not fat.”

The audience stood again with applause as she sung a farewell song on oral sex.

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