A More Perfect Union

I think Barack Obama really delivered an awesome speech on race. He took a potentially very difficult situation with comments made by his pastor, and turned it all around into another amazing opportunity for him to shine, which makes me think he is a Jedi.

9 thoughts on “A More Perfect Union

  1. A Jedi according to lore is celibate.
    This Jedi donated over 22 thousand dollars to his racist pastor’s church that he never goes to, or watches on TV whatever.

    Yep..he does give nice speeches.
    Has anyone noticed how eloquent he is?

    Actually, I am hoping this whole election thing will be solved by an episode
    of Wife Swap…Michelle goes with Bill and Hillary goes with Barack.
    I think this is the only way.

  2. Yo M.C.

    I saw your Sensuous Woman show in NYC in September. Bring your Beautiful show to the Big Apple too! It’ll be great. Better than a threesome with Obama and HIllary. I promise.

  3. I am so glad you posted this! I never really listen to politicians speak, i usually just read about what they said later on. But this man… Oh boy. If he were single, and i were straight… His way with words can leave a person speechless. (bad pun.) But his hopes and plans for and faith in this country are so refreshing.

  4. No matter how much I like Obama, I still like to notice how much this is the very definition of “spinning”. Oh, Hillary did it too. But I wonder how many specialists are working for them, to spin around bad publicity into good one.

    I still love the statements in his speeches.

  5. Why doesn’t he give a nice speech about having all the votes in Michigan and Florida count?
    I mean didn’t women and African American’s really have to fight to have that happen?
    Why doesn’t he give a nice speech about New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa breaking the rules of the DNC and yet they weren’t punished by the DNC

    I mean I now know what kinda of sandwiches he had to eat as a youngster but I feel worse about millions of votes getting quashed, and his campaign is part of the problem.

    I gotta go to sleep now.
    The phone might ring at 3:00 a.m.

  6. Let’s get real about the election and politics, while it is alot of you know what, it is also the next four years of our lives. I really think we deserve something more than a hyped up quasi-rock star who is obviously believing his own hype. Too dangerous for me!

  7. Obama makes a speech to address the divisive issue of race in America…then he calls his grandmother a “typical white person”. Where’s the hope and change in that?

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