High Class Hoes

This whole Spitzer scandal is amazing, but what I find the most incredible is how expensive the prostitutes were. Up to $31,000 a day! That rules! Talk about HIGH CLASS HOES!! That is some pricey pussy and I hope it was worth it. Damn! It must be lined with chinchilla and diamonds. (7 to be exact! Ow! Rough edges!) That is a solid platinum cunt. Like something you see in SKYMALL – you are not really paying for just the pussy, you are paying for shipping and insurance. That is really cool! I have much respect for hoes. I wish I had thought to charge. I was usually so fucked up back then, when I was spreading it for the masses, I would just say, “Oh – um. Uh, alright…”

I could have had a credit card machine! I am thinking maybe I should bill people now for it.

11 thoughts on “High Class Hoes

  1. if my husband ever got a $4K hooker, i would make her clean my house for the 57 minutes left after he finishes. for $4K, she wil be doing floors AND windows! if she farts, it better smell like febreeze.

    i wish i could go back and bill for all my charity ho work. do you think i can get some kind of tax credit for it?

    loved you on chelsea lately! if i ever HAVE TO HAVE a threesome, i would like for it to be with you and chelsea. but we would be laughing so hard no one could get their groove on or their nut off!

  2. I’ve considered marketing accounting services for the modern ho. I’m not an accountant, that’s the problem. Pimp payroll, independent contracting, that sort of thing. Tailored benefits packages focusing on STD testing/treatment and various cosmetic services. I wonder how much of that $31K the prostitute actually gets …

  3. i know the girl in Spitzer scandal. i saw her sexy pics about her life on intimatemingle.com which is a dating site for interracial singles.

  4. I am totally cracking up over the idea of a special Skymall Hooker Catalog that you can browse while you sip your watery cocktail and eat your stale pretzels!

  5. I sense a lot of anger in here. Jealous that some twit was smart enough to capitalize off the dingleberry that voters give their hard earned bucks to?

    As a potential customer, I have no problem with her price. It sparks of true free enterprise. I wouldn’t mess with most of the folks here because of the bitterness I see.

    Oh yeah, as a gigolo I was getting $1,000 per session in the early 60’s. Try inflation on that one.


  6. I’M QUEER, AND I’M HERE AS WELL. Currently considering raising my rate. Or perhaps I should just move to Washington to work!

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