She be doing nothing but Laundry

I got some excellent fan mail over the weekend:

“you need to get her to be more fan based oriented like actually talking to us and doing auto graphs she ignored us and ran off stage after wouldn’t talk to any one or do pictures and auto graphs…with out her fans she be doing nothing but laundry right now.”

And then I saw this youtube video of Hillary getting heckled by a guy screaming “Iron my shirt!!!”

That’s a weird way to try to bring down women. Threaten them with laundry! Why is laundry an insult? Laundry is cool! Especially if you have your own washer and dryer. It is not as exciting if you don’t but then you get to go to the bank and get quarters. I like having rolls of quarters around because then you can put them in a pillowcase and be ready to fight! You can really fuck shit up at the Laundromat if you have to: “THAT’S MY DRYER BITCH!!!”

Even though I have my own washer and dryer now, cuz I am classy like that, nobody at my house allows me to do my own laundry because I don’t understand the color situation. I am all about the laundry being integrated and I don’t think that the whites should have their own load because it isn’t fair to all the colors. So I mix the whites and the colors and then everything comes out kind of pink/grey. That is what I get for inclusion. I realize that the laundry is not the place to work out your segregation issues.

Anyway, Hillary and I are not doing laundry anytime soon so you better do your own.

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  1. Not that it’s an insult in and of itself, and your laundry blog actually really is something that i can identify with, although in general i really hate doing laundry because the washers in my apartment building are the size of kimchee jars and its some scam with the super selling “tokens” which are pieces of metal scrap. but it is hard being an animated and sometimes funny and usually nutty big-boned korean american woman because everyone and their mother says “oh my gosh! you know who you look like? margaret cho!” and then if I’m wearing a black leather jacket and have my hair down they say i look like lucy liu (who is cross eyed by the way)

  2. Laundry can also be cool if you live in NY and have drop off service. Then you there’s no trouble with the quarters and people moving your stuff onto the top of the dryer if you leave it there too long. You just drop it off in the morning and pick up on your way back your campaign for president, all neat and folded. They even fold the fitted sheets, and seriously, that takes know-how.

  3. I dunno, laundry is a swear word around my house. I have the missus do it, because he’s the only one who can do it the “right way”. Mmm hmmm. He’s just anally receptive retentive.

  4. I didn’t know you blogged. This is great!!!
    O.K. not really I am a freelance journalist and you are going to be performing in My area (The Turning Stone resort and Casino 2/8). I will be in attendance but to boost the audience i would like to do a pre-performance interview.
    If you say know I will hijack your blog.
    Just kiddin……kinda

  5. I just spent two days doing all my wash. I’m lazy when it comes to doing my wash. The whole folding and hanging and matching socks really sucks. So i don’t do it until I really have to, like having nothign to wear.

  6. Hah, I love how people who send hate mail expose their stupidity in the way they write. “she be doing nothing but laundry.” haha. I wonder if this person can’t figure the whole laundry thing out for himself and is hoping you’d help.

  7. I was confused by the laundry comment for a minute there. I originally thought it meant that if you weren’t an entertainer, you would be chillin’ at home!

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