My Crane

Yay! I got a tattoo from amazing artist Chris O’Donnell! He is so incredible and I love my tattoo so much! I know I look like I am not enjoying myself but it really wasn’t so bad. And Chris is hell of fine!!!








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  1. Who is and what is Beautiful? Margaret and her Crane leg. Now when people see you walking down the street they’ll say “it’s Crane Legged Cho!”

    Really though, he did a fantastic and very pretty job on the crane, love the colors! SEXY!

  2. Beautiful! I was so excited to see you on LA Ink, getting your peacock–awesome.
    Rock on! I am looking forward to seeing you in concert soon!

  3. Maaah-gret! Looking hot! OK, UNCLE! Because of you, i finally want a tattoo now, but the amazing Chris is in NYC, and I’m in LA ~sigh~ About to leave for Europe in July and want to get one. Any recommended local artists? MB-)

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