True Colors Break

Taking a little break. On my way home finally. I am really excited about doing laundry. My whole bag smells like a clump of seaweed that you would really avoid stepping in on the beach. Like with dead jellyfish and garbage all in it.

A few words about ‘trannychasing.’ I am not a trannychaser. Ok, actually I am a trannychaser. No I am not. I am a trannycatcher!

Just kidding!

I don’t mean to sexually objectify trangendered people, I am just glad FTMs are becoming more visible within the queer community at large. I think that the ‘t’ in LGBT gets left out too much, and so I love to see that there are great changes underway. I love to talk about gender. I love people who define their own gender instead of letting biology and society define it for them. You are brave and amazing and inspiring and I want to hear your stories and know your heart. I love to talk about pronouns. I love the discourse and the passionate politics. I love female masculinity and butch women, for I am a true femme through and through, even though I may not always wear high heels, and I can’t resist you and couldn’t even if I tried.

Sometimes things get taken way out of context, especially when you are a comedian, and I will try to be more careful about it. I don’t want to be misunderstood and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. When you see me, come over and hold my hands and look into my eyes and know my love is real.

3 thoughts on “True Colors Break

  1. I love female masculinity and butch women, for I am a true femme through and through, even though I may not always wear high heels, and I can’t resist you and couldn’t even if I tried.

    This is the problem that many trans [space] people have with you. In an attempt to apologise for “trannychasing”, specifically your fetishistic attraction to trans (space) men, you immediately conflate men of TS history with butch women and “female masculinity”. As if it never once crossed your mind in writing this that this such a juxtaposition might deeply offend many, many of us trans men — especially those of us who never once adopted an identity of “butch”.

    I find this especially puzzling because I’m sure you’re no stranger to the bizarre, stereotypical preconceived notions that people get when they fetishise a certain group of people. I dated a Native guy in high school, and while I wasn’t innocent of my own preconceived notions before I met him, I’m sure he, being a strong, self-secure gentleman who is also secure with his pride in his family’s heritage, wouldn’t have given me the kind of attention that I wanted if I wanted if I hadn’t re-thought my mistaken assumptions before I’d met him. In fact, if I hadn’t re-thought them until after I had met him, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if he regarded me with anger and derision.

    Yes, that’s right, I dated boys in high school. I still date men and boys –indeed, I date them exclusively. Does this not fit your preconceived notion of the mythical “transman”? I’m also extremely effete, and know (and know of) several other trans men who are effete and gay (or at least strongly prefer other men) and certainly would give pause to and take great offense at your conflation of trans men with “female masculinity” and “butch women”. In fact, I must say, I have serious doubts about the professed “realness” of your “love”, since it’s clear from this entry and your fawning over Chaz Bono that your interest is in one type of man of TS history, and that one type exclusively. Anybody who is both a man of trans history and identifies as feminine must either willingly submit to your re-characterization of his male effeminacy as “female masculinity” or get to the back of the line until either you’re willing to see him as the effete man that he is, or until he’s willing to let you see him that the “UltraButch” you want him to be.

    I have no doubt that you’ll delete this comment, ignore it, and just brush me off as some uppity “trannyfag” who just wants to nay-say the butch/fem cult, never once even considering my words or what they might actually mean, never once even entertain the notion of taking anything to heart and truly *being* the advocate of queers, freaks, and other trod-upon people that you profess to be, but I’ve had a lousy last few weeks and this makes me feel slightly better than just randomly shouting into the void — and who knows? Maybe you’ll surprise me. I doubt it, though; I know I’ve seen this post before, and I’m pretty certain it had comments before, and now I see none.

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