True Colors in Atlanta, Dallas & Houston

My feets is hurtin…I have some wide ass feet. They are beautiful, with a graceful arch of instep and a dramatically deep sole, and dainty also, because I wear but a mere sliver of a size 7, but my feet are W-I-D-E and shit and so they are somewhat Fred Flintstoney, with the width holding all of my weight steady. I could start a car with these wide feet. I could drive down to my local brontosaurus rib restaurant and order a rack of them and have my whole car tip to the side. Girl. I got some wide ass feet. And then, with the wide feet that I have and the insanely uncomfortable shoes I wear sometimes, you know I got corns. Oh my corns on my wide feet, which hurt more or less depending on the weather! I can’t wear a narrow shoe, but I can tell you when it is going to rain.

We are now in Houston, and playing to these big Texan crowds have been amazing. They are loving us, and the line to meet and greet The Dresden Dolls snaked all around the entire venue. They are very loved in the Lone Star State. It is funny because we imagine that Texas is conservative, but so far I haven’t seen much redness or redneckism. Just lots of gorgeous people having fun!

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