God is Love

Just few words about Christians. I was raised in a very Christian family and I have a lot of respect for religious people of all faiths. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Christian anymore, because that would limit my connection with the Divine. Loving God is much like a successful long term relationship. You’ve got to try a lot of different things, be adventurous in order to keep things interesting.

What is troubling is when I am looked at as a “Christian-basher” or some kind of heathen Satanist when I am critical of those who think that their faith is a reason to spread homophobia and hatred. They do not speak for God. I know God loves gays and I want to spread that message. I want to convert those who believe that there is something wrong with being gay.

When Christians are offended by me, I am not sure they understand what I am saying. They mistakenly believe that because I criticize the church that I am also critical of God. Don’t they know that the only time Jesus got really angry was when he was at the church? I am just trying to throw the moneylenders and the hypocrites and the homophobes out of the temple.

God loves us all. God forgives us all. We are only asked to try to follow his example. To try to love everyone. To try to forgive everyone. I forgive those who are angered by me. I pray that God will shine a light of understanding on them, to turn their anger and fear into courage and compassion. I hope that their lives are filled with love so that one day they might come to love everyone. I ask God to bless them until they have enough blessings to be able to bless others, those they don’t understand, those they are offended by, those they believe are doing wrong by him. If they are loved enough, forgiven enough, blessed enough, understood enough, maybe one day they will have enough, to give it back.

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  1. Thank you. As a gay christian, it’s good to hear people like you. First Church of the Cho, baby! I’m dying for a church that serves Mint Mojitos during devotional =P

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