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I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Dear BUST peoples~
I’m an ex-pat living in France and I gladly pay big bucks to have BUST magazine delivered here because it’s just so good that I can’t live without it. But I just finished reading the BUST interview with Gwen Stefani and it absolutely made my skin crawl.

Let’s face it; Margaret Cho isn’t the only one seeing red over Stefani’s use of Japanese girls as cute and stylish human props. I love Tokyo street culture as much as the next gal, but that doesn’t give a privileged White American pop-star from Orange County California the right to exploit it and then to tell an Asian woman that she needs to do some “research” before she can recognize blatant exoticism and objectification.

As a fan of No Doubt’s music I’ve tolerated Gwen’s bindis, and then the chola make-up. I was even supportive when they suddenly went dancehall, but Stefani should stop believing her own hype, and start listening to her fans when they tell her she’s gone too far. Her little fantasy “art project” has officially stepped out of bounds.

Frankly it doesn’t surprise me that Gwen just doesn’t quite get it, but for her to suggest that people of color need to do “research” to prove they’re being oppressed is down right despicable.

Someone needs to tell Stefani to do some “research” on the definition of the term: “Cultural Appropriation”, then Holla back with an apology, because with many of her fans of color, she’s about one geisha away from wearing out her welcome.

Here’s my original blog entry about the Harajuku Girls.

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