SC Sex Toy Ban?

Note: Margaret is on the road and away from her computer (she’ll be back on Monday), but said we should post this story:

South Carolina state representative Ralph Davenport (Republican, SC) has proposed a bill that would make sex toys illegal in SC. If passed, selling them would be a felony in the state. More info on the babeland blog. What’s worse is that Davenport readily admits that he doesn’t know what a sex toy is – yet he wants them banned.

This guy is from my home state, and represents my home county, so I find this especially infuriating but also embarrassing. Of course, he’s the same representative who proposed a bill to erect a fetus monument on the state house lawn.

If you’d like to contact Rep. Davenport and let him know what sex toys are (probably not a threat to national security for starters) you can find his info here.

– Keri Smith

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  2. You can bet that these types of cases will continue to pop up as conservatives try to reestablish their power in the republican party. Taking a stand on an issue like criminalizing the sale of sex toys can significantly raise the profile of any politician. They don’t expect to win, but they love to grandstand in front of the party faithful.

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