Little Britain

I had a great show at Her Majesty’s in the West End, even though I was hella nervous beforehand, because Dawn French was coming, and if that wasn’t enough, she was bringing the “Little Britain” guys, David Walliams and Matt Lucas. They are my absolute favorite comics working right now, and just about the funniest thing going in the world. “Little Britain” is phenomenally popular in the U.K. and has a hardcore fan base in the U.S. because it runs on BBC America. They will release their second season on DVD in the US next month, and you have to get it because, quite simply, it fucking rules.

The show is comprised of brief sketches, featuring characters that you become very intimate with over time, like Andy and Lou, a handi-capable young man, and his immensely kind and accommodating caretaker, or the Fat Fighters support group, led by the obnoxious and frighteningly real Marjorie, or the worst transvestite in the world, Emily Howard. Each week the situations grow slightly more urgent, the stakes rise, and as we get to know the characters and their quirks, the writing teases us with the joke that is inevitable, and that delayed gratification, is unique and powerful, not to mention, foot stompingly, eye wateringly, ‘wait I have to see that again’ kind of funny; a totally new and sophisticated way of approaching comedy.

Al and I have picked up key phrases from the show, utilizing their words in our own coded language, and if you are ever around my house, all you will ever hear is “Testi-clay?” or “I want that one.” or “That’s a right kerfuffle.” I am a person who has always avoided catchphrases, because in my profession they are not usually funny and often so forced, and I don’t like living a life in shorthand, but “Little Britain” has rewritten the rules of the game.

Another thing I love about the show is the way Matt and David completely disappear into their characters, and there is no trace of themselves left behind. They embody the magic of truly gifted actors, combined with a mastery of the weirdness human beings are made of, and a supernatural attention to detail that is solidly rooted in an authenticity both touching and riotously funny. I actually cried when Lou explained to Andy that Maria had died, and when “Computer says no” didn’t go out for that drinks party – because it is so fucking believable and sad and at the same time so hilarious.

They also do drag better than anyone, like they were raised on “Kids in the Hall” and then went to a modeling academy. Plus, they are really nice guys. After the show, Dawn invited us out, and we all went to a fancy grown up restaurant and had dinner, as paparazzi waited outside while we ate and talked. They loved my show, and I was so elated, I smoked a cigarette! David is in training, as he is going to swim the Channel for Comic Relief, and Matt is a big fan of Kathy Griffin’s. I don’t normally like hanging out with famous people, mostly because they are weird. They live their lives through assistants, nobody has time for anything, everyone is looking over your shoulder for someone better, but even though “Little Britain” are like The Beatles, it seems that fame hasn’t spoiled them in the least. They are funny and dreamy and completely cool – total rock stars – truly the bestest of all boys and I have an eternal crush on both of them!

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