Bring ‘Em Home Now

The terrible Iraq war continues, for three years now, and Bush won’t bring the troops home. Isn’t that typical of a straight man – unable to prematurely withdraw?

I performed at “Bring ‘Em Home Now!”- the massive anti-war concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night, and it was a lavish, star-studded sold out affair. I saw lots of people I love, like Alan Cumming, who wasn’t performing, just looking gorgeous, Peaches, who rocked the house and was incredibly sexy and awe-inspiring (and name checked me!), the great Rufus Wainwright (who is sooooo fine, this woman I was sitting next to swooned, “He will never love me.” I said, “He might. Maybe not in the way you are thinking of though…alas…we need a refuge from all this beauty…”), Fischerspooner, Steve Earle, Moby with Laura Dawn, Bright Eyes, Chuck D, Michael Stipe – all kinds of rock elite, proving that if the politicians can’t be bothered to save us, music surely will.

I did a set, then walked out into the audience to find my friends. I didn’t manage to see them, but I met a couple of guys from Iraq Veterans Against the War, Geoffrey Millard and Jose Vasquez. Geoffrey told me that he watched my dvds while he was over there, to keep his spirits up, which just blew my mind. They are courageous and deeply passionate about peace, having seen war first hand, and their work is vital to seeing an end to this madness. Everyone should check them out!

I sat in an overflowing box on the side and watched Cindy Sheehan, who brought the crowd to tears and fury. Through her activism, she has really helped turn this nation around, because she was brave and angry enough to question Bush, and we all share her frustration and grief over her son Casey. It makes me so mad, all this death and destruction, and for what?! It is still happening because the government cannot and will not admit that they were wrong. They cannot admit they were lying. We must hold them accountable. My enthusiasm and commitment to doing whatever I can to help end the war were renewed again and again. I am honored to have been able to participate at such a historic and powerfully moving event, and I hope that its impact will be felt around the world.

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