From The Road

Note from webmistress: Margaret is busy on the road, so she asked us to thank you for all of the nice photos and emails and comments you’ve all sent in from the book tour. We love these! Thank you all for making it special! Hope to see you on the rest of the tour.

Hello Margaret,

I can’t thank you enough for your book reading/signing event. I drove all the way down to Arlington from Baltimore just to come see you! Getting home was hell, I always get lost in DC!! Anyway, thank you so much for answering the question I asked during the Q&A portion about how your mom is doing today…I am so happy to hear she is well!

I posted the pictures I took from the event on photobucket so that I could send them to you. I really wanted you to see them! You looked absolutely amazing as always! Hopefully you can add these to your personal collection!
Again, thank you so much for everything and I can’t wait for your DVD and to see you out on the road again! Take care, Margaret! I LOVE YOU!

Love always, B.
Hola Margaret!

I saw you at the book signing last night at Barnes & Noble. It was so wonderful to see you again as always! I was the Al-Gayda guy who welcomed you to New York! Unfortunately, when I finally got to see you all I could say in your presence was “FIERCE! FIERCE! FIERCE!” To hear you tell me “FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE!” right back at me, and see you wave back to me in your town car after the show was amazing! What I really meant to say was “You are such an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all that you do.”

Seeing you and reading your new book last night TOTALLY GIVES ME STRENGTH GIRL to keep up the fight and to live my life more passionately. You make me proud to be me.

By the way, I just read your blog again, as always, and saw that your nerves were a little shot from the book tour. Can I PLEASE just tell you, YOU LOOKED FUCKIN FABULOUS LAST NIGHT, AND I AM NOT EVEN PLAYING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! You keep up the tour, your voice, the fight for as long as you can. And if you ever need a break for yourself, you’ve got Army Cho right behind you girl!!!!!!


Dear Ms. Cho:

My friends and I saw you read at the Barnes and Noble on 17th st in New York City. We were VERY VERY pleased and entertained. As Deaf people it is often really hard to see comedian; ASL interpreters can’t keep up with how fast they talk! We were lucky to find two who were big fans and knew your voice well enough to give us a shot at seeing you – and we were pleased you were gracious enough to allow it at the last minute. Hope you had fun in the city! Look me up next time you come by New York, we’d be happy to buy you a drink or two (or ten!)

Yours, J.

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