It Worries Us Too, Chris

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From: “Chris”
To: “Karen”
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2004 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: my brother

hey there karen,

that’s really nice of you to post my letter to [Margaret’s] blog. i did hear from my brother, although very shortly, last sunday. since i was on my phone, i didn’t say much, but he said that it has been the same thing there everyday/night since we last spoke. lots of bombs, lots of junk exploding, etc.

i think what has worried me even more about all of this is how i have not found one thing about the fighting there in any news source… nothing form the ap, national news stations, or even from sources over seas. i know people are dying and there are battles, going on, but there is nothing in the news. that’s pretty disturbing if you ask me.

anyway, thanks for reading my letter. i really appreciate it. i guess i needed to vent some. tell margaret i said thanks as well and that i hope everything goes well with the tour. hopefully i’ll catch her show in santa fe. talk to you later.


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