Now More Than Ever

Note from Keri: Margaret is on the road and said we could post some fan mail. We’ve been getting a lot of letters from people thinking about politics and we thought we’d post them because we can’t stop thinking about politics and thank maude we’re not the only ones!

For some words from Margaret, check out the 5-part series on the future of marriage for that Margaret contributed to.


Subject: Vote for Love


I’m a 22 year old man who’s never voted. I’ve never registered, or taken the time to listen to the political banter that every day appears on television, or in newspapers. I’ve always thought that I was too young to be affected by anything that happened to the world. But I’ve come to realize lately no matter how unaffected I have felt in the past, there is one issue that was so stunningly surreal to me, that it shocked me out of my naivety. Margaret, no matter how young or old the legal voting age may be, love is ageless. Love is colorless and genderless, love is a feeling you get deep down in the center of your stomach, it’s a terrifying surreal feeling that is scary yet at the same time so comforting. Love isn’t something that someone can tax, or outlaw. You see, to me, marriage is something that is granted to you by a certificate, a piece of paper and some ink. Yet, it represents something more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction could dream of possessing…love. So, I registered to vote, I’ve listened to all the political debates, and read every article. I’ve signed the petitions, written letters, sent faxes and emails, and I’m ready. I’m ready to fight, ready to fight until I’m weak in the knees, and I’m out of breath. Not only because I deserve this right as an American. But because if there is one thing I’ve learned in my twenty two years of life, it’s that love is something that no one can control, and it’s sure as hell worth fighting for. I hope that everyone realizes that that sometimes love is blind, sometimes it’s deaf, and well…sometimes it’s gay.

P.S. Thank you Margaret for helping us all realize the importance of voting and taking a stand. And for helping me to realize it before it was too late.



Dear Margaret,

This is my first time emailing you, so I’m a wee bit nervous. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work, and all that you stand for. I don’t want to be one of those people who tell a famous person “You saved my life” or anything like that. I think that’s an a huge load to put on someone… but I will say that through your comedy, and your blog, and all the other outlets you’ve had for your words and creativity…you’ve changed my life.

You’ve inspired me to really care about what goes on in the world, in politics, and with civil rights and equality and unity and really caring what really matters. I can honestly way on behalf of many of my friends that you are a true modern crusader. I never used to feel *fabulous* or truly at peace with myself… but you are one of the people who’ve helped me find that inner fabulosity within myself and let it come out. I thank you for that.

I thank you for your website and I thank you for standing up for what you believe in and rocking the boat. You rock Margaret, in every time signature and tempo, in every genre… you rock. 🙂

Sacramento CA


Subject: Weight off my Shoulders !!!

Hello Margaret …

This past weekend you performed here in Austin, and as always everyone loved the show. I wasn’t able to go unfortunately, but I’ve been there for your last 2 trips through the Paramount . My best friend did see the show and tipped me off to the hate mail you’ve been receiving. I had to check it out myself, and as I sat there reading those comments, I felt overwhelming embarrassment. I am a 27 year old gay man and have lead what I believe to be a charmed life. I have been fortunate enough to say I have been in love. I’m not rich but ive got a good job, clothes on my back and food on the table. Finally and most important, I have amazing friends both gay and straight and a close family that knows and loves me. I’m also a veteran of the US military, and have always considered myself to be republican. I’ve supported Bush’s war in Iraq as well as his presidency. I’ve never been ashamed of anything in my life, until now. The lack of evidence for the war in Iraq, the rising number of dead American soldiers, his nerve to propose a constitution ban on gay marriages only to serve his own bigoted opinions and election day goals … and now the insane, crude, uninformed, and closed-minded comments from the people that are his supporters all make me ashamed of the party I have represented since as far back as I can remember. You, as well as my loved ones have my deepest apology !!! This year I’m voting for Kerry !!!



Subject: You’ve somehow made me politically aware? What is this?

Margaret, (or is it Mrs. Cho? — I don’t know — I suck out-loud with greetings-to-famous-people),

I will be seeing you at the Improv in Dallas, Texas this Saturday night. And in idol-worshipping fashion, I somehow feel an obligation to you – to me – to tell you the odd impact that you have had on me this last year or so. And by odd, I mean — I’ve some how developed this uncharacteristic political awareness. Through your words. Through your humor. Through your honesty.

And normally, my body would happily reject any conversations of a political nature. To be honest: political issues in the past have had a tendency to bore me. I would much rather make some sarcastic social commentary about how cell phones should never be worn as an accessory to one’s wardrobe or discuss pop-culture of days past, such as the impact of that very special episode of Good Times when Penny’s mom burns her with an iron– than mention the words: Bush. Presidency. Weapons of Mass-Destruction. War. Legislation. Vote.

But, with all of these issues that surround gay culture (i.e. the new black) becoming so mainstream, so personal to me – your words (and those from others on your daily blog) – somehow, some way – have made things much more clear in my head. I mean, superficiality is fine. But, yeah, there is a world out there. Things are going on. And I have the power to support, if not change, what’s happening. (oh yeah, surprise to this big ‘ol homo – platinum star for me.)

Oh, and that whole issue of gay marriage – seriously, the thought of me not afforded the very same rights of someone who is heterosexual transforms me into a fucking funnel cloud of rage. I mean — yes, I’m a Country-cracka, Club-goin’, Man-lovin’, Muscle-T wearin’, Taco-Bell-eat in, Cher-listenin’, Graphic-designing, Audi-drivin’, Galleria-shoppin’, gym-rat-wannabe, no-longer-closeted Homo. But, I’m also a citizen of the United States. A productive, contributing member of this society. Our society.

And I have rights. Hell, I have responsibilities.

And it’s true — I do have a long way to go and a lot to learn (baby steps….) regarding this new-found political arena, but I will say that yahoo’s news page (it has pictures, you know?) has been added alongside billboard online, stevie nicks official web page, and of course, your website, as well – to my daily list of on-the-job-web-surfing sites. (We’ll discuss my work ethic later.)

So, this year — I’m going to vote. It will be my first time. I’m 26 years old. This is huge for me. And I don’t think it would be fair to say it is all your doing…but without a doubt, you’ve been a catalyst and a proponent for this change within. I think that it’s awesome.

And, in some ways this is a new world for me. In my life lately, there’s been a great deal of change. I’m gaining a political consciousness. I’ve become *officially* comfortable with this “gay” thing. And I’ve just recently come out to my family. My entire family. (Admittedly, I was outed. By a psychic. That’s right. Ms. Cleo confirmed my homosexuality to my mother and grandmother. I received the call on a sunny, hangover-free Saturday morning. The following Sunday morning I didn’t feel as pretty. Alcohol be damned.)

But it’s okay. It’s done. It’s out. I’m OUT.

Anyway, thank you very much for you time. I hope you have an opportunity to read this. Your story. Your activism. Your strength — These are things that inspire me, and I sincerely thank you for this.

Take care, Mrs. Cho. And have a wonderful show Saturday night. I’ll be there – somewhere – in the audience, appreciating every word that you say.


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