Wisdom Crying Out in the Streets

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Rallies, campaigns and protests fill the air these days. My attention is constantly being hijacked by images of anti- war protesters, political candidates and bumper stickers. People all over the planet pour into the streets with posted signs and symbols of thought, hoping to be heard and equally represented.

Traveling the distance between conflict and resolution is worth the trek. A person’s journey from the cradle to the grave should be filled with joyous revelation, not filibustering and legislation. Making ALL people the matter of business forms good legislation. Enacted rules and ordinances must be for the edification of humanity. The institution of laws must encourage the harmony of coexisting. Both the sinners and the saints are subject to the same moon and the same fate. Scorn and religious guilt are not solutions to social discord.

In 1913 a heroic abolitionist and freedom fighter named Harriet Tubman died in Albany, New York. During the same year of 1913, just miles away in Massachusetts, a law was made to prohibit out-of-state interracial couples from being married in Massachusetts. Today in Massachusetts law makers opposing same-sex marriage are relying on that discriminatory law of 1913 in an effort to bar non-residents from marrying in Massachusetts if the marriage violates laws in their home state.

Recalling antiquated laws of discrimination is a horrifying solution. After all, 1913 was not a model year for American justice and civil liberties. Women didn’t have the right to vote until 1920 and the terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan did not put America on “high alert.”

Legislation without love and revelation is unwise and heartless. The season is ripe for a renaissance. A law without love is like a sparkle with no shine. Blessed are the peace makers. -T

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