Plan C

Thank you Jess, for the topic today. Jess is a young woman with an amazing mind and is a person who makes me really trust that our future will be secure and we will not blow ourselves up and forever have to live in a really dusty plain where we have to build walls with old tires and fortress ourselves within them, because everyone is killing each other over gasoline and dog food that we have to eat with our hands. Thank you Jess for being smart and beautiful and political and knowing it up and down with the rocking knowledge, which is the way her good mama raised her. Shout out to Jess and Jess’ mama!!! For real tho!!!! Jess was peeping CNN where again the dummies that go on and on until the break of dawn about how the morning after pill spreads stds and unwanted pregnancy. This is just in line with the ridiculous logic that abstinence is the only way to teach the younger generation about sex. Your body says one thing – like “This feeling that I have inside is soooo goood and I want to do it, and here is whoever who is gonna do it with me, I don’t really understand because everyone is telling me to practice abstinence, but fuck that. So, since we are both in trouble anyway – fuck it. LET’S DO DIS!!!” Preaching abstinence is not right, is not realistic, is just stoopid, ignant, duh-duh-duhm.

Remember that girl who went to France to take RU-486 and then get right back on the plane to return to the US to flashing cameras and police? What the fuck is wrong with people? I am not saying that everyone should fuck themselves insane BONOBO (pansexual apes that are out closest living relatives that negate the ‘homosexuality is not found in nature’ argument) style and then throw their shit all over the place, but what is this puritanical attitude? Like she needed a big “A” sewn on her chest to show all that she ABORTED. I want to sew a big “I” for ignant on everyone involved with putting this woman through fucking hell for having a body and the courage to do what she wanted with it.

Plan B should not be up for review. There should never have been a recall. We never finished counting the votes from 2000.

What is Plan A? Abstinence? And we got rights over everybody and their mama’s uterus? Put it in the A-SS only?

I am not pro-death. I am pro-choice. I am of the mind that young people will find a way to do what they naturally will do without possibly hurting themselves even if we tell them NOT TO DO IT. Young people have strong emotions, intense hormones that will not be silenced as easily as saying A-B-S-T-I-N-E-N-C-E. What they need is education, options, condoms, counseling, help, confidence, gentle awareness, trust in teachers, confidentiality, equality, reality, the fucking truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us all God – not GUILT.

Guilt = Low self-esteem.
Low self-esteem = everything you going to get if you offer only abstinence as your only solution.

I think that if they are looking at Plan B and they are thinking about getting rid of it, then I would like to propose Plan C.

C stands for CUNT. Not a curse word, not a slur, not a bad thing. As Inga Muscio’s brilliant and important book of the same name, CUNT is the celebration of the woman and the world, as we are one and the same. We would have no world without the CUNT, so anyone who uses this as a negative, transgressive word, is denying the fact they are alive. We are all born from cunts. Where we all have as a human race, our very first home address. No matter where your mail gets forwarded now, everyone everywhere ever had this on their mailbox first –

Me, CUNT, The World.

This makes the cunt powerful. And that power includes the power of choice, the power of knowledge, the power of attorney, the power of cunnilingus, the power of veto, the power of everything it wants and DOES NOT WANT anytime, anywhere, anyway all the time for all time. For real. That is what I am talking about.

“And if you want to argue with me you better call TYRONE.”-Erykah Badu

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  1. I totally agree with what you are saying! Just wanted to let you know that the “Plan B” pill is not the same as the RU-486… Plan B prevents pregnancy and RU-486 terminates one.

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