More Letters II

> Margaret, I just watched you on MSNBC and
> heard your argument on homosexuality. To
> be honest, I have heard of you and I know
> you are a celebrity, but I am not familiar
> with your career or the person you are.
> After hearing your argument tonight, I
> wanted to write you, because even though
> I don’t know you, I care about you.

Why thank you. I can say that I don’t know you and I care about you too!

> I will be honest,

You do love to be honest don’t you!

> I didn’t agree with the things you had to say,
> but that is not the point. This isn’t a hate letter,
> I promise.

I know. It is a love letter.

> You said you were a christian, and that you
> read the Bible.. but after hearing you, I
> really question the validity of that statement.

Why? I read the Bible. It is a great big book full of information about events that occurred a long time ago, and some of it is super boring, and some of it is nice, and some of it is bizarre.

I read it. Did you need me to take a quiz?

> I just want you to know that YES, God
> does Love you…

I am already aware of that, and you know, right back atcha!

> and YES he wants you to one day be in heaven,

I will see you there too. Maybe we can be roommates. We could possibly share a meal in eternity, I am pretty sure they have a cafeteria.

> Margaret, homosexuality is a sin no matter |
> how you put it.

Even if you put it in your ass? What about if you put it in your cunt? What if before you put it in, you say “In Jesus’ name…”?

> God loves you, and he loves everyone
> who is homosexual, but he hates the sin.

Is it that he doesn’t like the way that homosexuality is considered a sin? Is it that God would rather we love than hate? Is it that God would ask that we are tolerant and loving towards others, rather than calling them sinners? How do you know he hates the sin? Did he tell you? Because he told me something completely different. I think you need to get your story straight. Pun totally intended.

> The Lord created us in His image, and he
> placed inside each of us, a natural desire
> for the opposite sex.

Really? Why? Then why does homosexuality exist? I think that God gave us the capacity to love. Who we decide to love is up to us, and God is accepting of all that. God loves it when we love. It makes things easier for Him.

> I know deep down, you are probably getting
> angry reading that.

No, I am angry right on the surface. I am seething on the top of my head, right on the very top. Not deep down at all.

> Keep in mind, I haven’t offended you in any
> way, I care for you, and I know God loves
> you, but he doesn’t love the sin that is in your
> life.

But I don’t have any sin in my life. I am not offended by the things you have said to me. I care for you too! I am just offended by your blindness and stupidity. I am offended that God had to make you so darn dumb. God loves you, but He just doesn’t think you have the smarts. Sorry, I shouldn’t tell tales out of school. But you are really idiotic, which isn’t your fault. It’s God’s. I am going to be mad at Him for that. You don’t deserve to be such a dummy. You are nice.

> Somewhere in your past, Satan has placed a “lie”
> that has consumed you..

Really? Do tell…

> Now wait, be patient with me, and let me explain..

Please, hurry. I cannot wait. You are keeping me on tenterhooks!

> There is a difference between people who say
> they are christian, and those who actually live
> their lives to serve God.

What is that? Do Christians go to church on Sunday, give a dollar in the collection basket, have a donut in the social hall, and leave, not coming back until the next Sunday. Do those who serve God learn acoustic guitar and sing songs while sitting on the grass, all the while judging other people’s behavior as right or wrong because since they know how to strum a B flat?

> There is going to come a time soon, when
> only those who serve God with ALL their heart,
> will [not] be persecuted,

When? Do you know when? Is there a timetable? Will there be an ad in the paper? I am really curious about it. I want to make sure to pack a lunch.

> because as you know, as it says in the bible, we
> are living in the “last days”..

We are? I had no idea that these were the last days. Then is it true that I really don’t need to worry about paying my mortgage? Should I just forgo buying Christmas presents? Are the last days going to fall on the end of the month, or are they going to be randomly during the week? I would like to plan my work schedule accordingly.

> Did you know that every prophetic word that
> was given in the Bible has been fulfilled?

Wow. That is super cool. Every bit of it? Even the part about immaculate conception and there being no way that Mary could have fucked some dude and lied about it and just told all these people he was the son of God because she just was so embarrassed? Wow. So God like totally got it on with Mary? Does God have a big one? I bet it was hot.

> It baffles scholars,

It must. It baffles me.

> and what many do not even realize is that
> the time we are living in now, it is being
> fulfilled. (Read Matthew 24.)

So like Matthew 24 is really what should replace the media, news outlets, CNN, MSNBC, Vanity Fair, The New York Times? Wow. I could really save on my cable and subscription bills.

> But what I want you to know, is that God
> is a HOLY God.

I know that. I am sure that He is so holy. I love that he is holy like that. It is rad.

> He cannot stand the presence of sin. If
> there was even a drop of “sin” in heaven,
> it wouldn’t even be heaven.

Well, that is kind of anal isn’t it? I mean really. There is always going to be some sin. It is like dust. You just cannot get away from it, and the more you clean, the more you make. It just makes me crazy!

> He sees all things and he is everywhere,
> but when we allow for sin to creep into our
> hearts, because God is a HOLY God, he
> cannot stay in our hearts. To be Holy, is to
> be pure.

God is really a neat freak. I think that He must be obsessive compulsive. But who could blame Him? If you had to be everywhere and see everything and then be holy and be unable to stay anywhere because there is so much sin around, that would drive anyone to distraction. Purity is the answer. You know, Ivory soap is 99 and 44/100ths pure. That is close, but I guess, it has to be 100%.

> You said that being gay was about love.
> I also disagree with you here. Love does
> not mean anything, until you truly
> experience God’s love.

SO He does have a big one. God has the biggest cock. I mean it makes sense. On the seventh day – he didn’t rest. He got off. Why not? He created the world in a week. He deserves a blow job. He’s God!

> It does not compare to any love you feel.
> God’s love isnt’ even about “feelings”..
> feelings only mean that your flesh is
> loving it..

Right on. I want God’s big huge cock. That would be rad. Fuck feelings. We want God’s jiz. He is hot and holy. I love God. God rules.

> When 2 God is Spirit and His love changes
> your spirit. It lets you have peace in your
> heart, it gives you life. And when his Holy
> Spirit dwells inside you, believe it or not,
> you begin to see how Satan has decieved
> the world. Your heart goes out to people
> you don’t even know..just like I am doing
> now.

I know. You are so nice. God bless you. I hope you get to have God’s big holy cock, just like everyone should. It rocks. God’s cock rocks the cocks off everybody. Hooray for God’s big dick. Hip hip hooray. Satan went and told everyone God had a small dick, what a deceiver of the world. Everyone needs to know about God’s fat cock.

> Have you ever wept your heart out to the
> Lord?

Of course. God and I are really close, and He is always there for me. I just didn’t know that I could fuck Him. He never brought it up, and I just thought maybe He didn’t like me that way, but I guess it is just that He’s gay.

> Have you ever told him to show you
> if there was any sin in your heart?

No, but I am going to ask Him to show me His big cock.

> Have you ever looked at your life, and
> questioned God, “God, what have I done
> for you?”…

Yes, and He said I did lots of good things for Him, He always laughs at my jokes, and He says that I am here on earth to make people happy and to let all people understand that God’s love is for everyone, and that gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual – all of everyone who loves, who is loving, who is a lover and not a fighter is going to go to heaven. Because God is love. He is love with a big fat cock to show for it.

> Let me tell you, when this life is over, and
> when you face God, he is going to ask you
> the exact same thing.

I know, and He will say the same thing back to me. God totally loves me, like ADORES me. He tells me I am one of His favorites. He really is into me.

> He won’t care about who you are to other
> people, your title, or your profession. When
> God knows your name, he is going to show
> you everything you have ever done, and he
> is going to show you how seperated you were
> from Him.

And then we are going to fuck.


> That is why a true believer, is sold out
> for Jesus, because we know that nothing
> else is more important in this world.
> You will live and die, but to live forever
> with a glorious King means more than to
> live in a world full of hurt, pain, deception
> and most of all, SIN.

Yes, and to live in heaven with Him and His cock, that is beautiful. We all get some of God’s love. For lesbians, then God will have the most rocking vagina. God is going to be there for all of our desires, loves, hopes, dreams and holes.

God rules. He is the King. The Queen. The Trannie. The Dyke. The Fag. He made us in His image, and he made all of us in His image, so we are all loved by Him, will all get love from Him, and it doesn’t matter what you think, because He loves you, even though you are a fucking dipshit. You are a nice dipshit, but you are a dipshit all the same. But I love you. And so does God.

> Margaret, I write this to you and honestly
> ask you to question your own heart. If Jesus
> were here at this moment and he was looking
> into your thoughts and into your heart’s
> secret desires, do you think he would be
> pleased?

Yes. And He would be asking me to wash His feet with my hair, and I will, because I am kinky like that. Jesus is a player, and He would be pleased with me. Trust me. I aim to please.

> Remember he is holy. He loves you, and
> he wants you to come to Him and he wants
> to change the condition of your soul.

I love the fact that Jesus wants me to come, because a lot of people don’t care if you get off or not. Jesus is a hot lay and a considerate fuckbuddy.

> Don’t waste time.

No I won’t. Thank you.

> Ask him to show you how. God is not
> a dead God.. He lives and he speaks
> to whoever comes to Him with a humble
> heart.

I know. We talk a lot. He is so cool. God is the best. He is not dead. He is very much alive, rockin’ the holy cock into eternity.

> In Jesus name, I pray that God break
> the chains over your soul.

Oh, but the chains make it really fun. Can’t we keep the chains, just for now…. please Father? Pretty please? MMMmmmmm…

> You have caused many thousand upon
> thousands to laugh. I pray that God one
> day touch you in such a way, that he
> cause you to laugh uncontrollably and
> cry out tears of joy.

not to mention orgasm….

God wants us to love, fuck, cuddle after, no matter who we do it with. If it is mutual, if it is consensual, if it is between adults, it is right and holy. Nothing is holier than love.

I love you. Thank you for your words.

Margaret Cho

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