In the Colombian Parliament

In the Colombian Parliament, MP Luis Eduardo Diaz was suspended for bringing out a rubber dildo during a parliamentary debate. He was using it as a prop, to demonstrate the need for mandatory sterilization to control the birth rate of the poor population of Bogota. After offending many members of Parliament, he lost his temper and left the dildo on the desk of the Minister of Health. Diaz was suspended for five sessions, as members complained about the inappropriate action of bringing a rubber dildo into Parliament, and most were so shocked about the dildo, they had no idea what he was talking about. That is what happens when you bring a rubber dick into the room. Everything shuts down. What is worse than the dildo, which is kind of a needless prop, because you don’t need visual aids in these types of situations as pretty much everyone in government should and would know where babies come from. Was he using it as a pointer? Trying to put some flair into his presentation? That might work somewhere else, like say, the Folsom Street Fair, but not in the Colombian Parliament. No rubber dicks allowed. To his credit, there was no rule on the books that states clearly that such prosthetics are not allowed in the building and must be checked in at the front security desk, where a guard would tag it and it could be reclaimed when the owner left the premises.

What bugs me about this incident has little to do with the rubber dildo. That aspect makes me kind of like him. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Impressive. He’s got balls. That is supposed to be a pun, but I actually do not have the information that confirms the dildo in question was one equipped with testicles. Sometimes the South American press can be very stingy when it comes to details. I have many problems with the idea of mandatory sterilization. What is that? Are people like dogs, to be spayed and neutered so they might not create a population crisis? Will the recently born be put up for adoption, so that friendly and caring citizens might peruse the cages for the one they like best and wish to take home, while the remaining infants, who have problems with chewing shoes and cannot be housebroken are put to sleep? If it came down to having a choice for sterilization, and making that an accessible option, as well as providing free birth control and family education, with the right to choose to terminate the pregnancy at any stage, according to the wishes of the mother, that would be something to bring to the Parliament. A rubber dick isn’t gonna do it. Neither is a decree of mandatory sterilization. I got into an argument with a young woman in Lincoln, Nebraska over the rant that I have against pro-life groups. She claimed to be offended and hurt as she was pro-life and felt that she had the right to be. I agreed. She is right. And I never said she wasn’t. I just said that I was pro-choice, which is “You have your opinion, I have mine, just let anyone who is going through it decide for herself.” Here is the true definition of pro-choice. It isn’t “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out!” That this is considered unreasonable by the pro-life movement, as they want to control over all the women’s bodies in the nation, whereas we are just giving everyone the free will to do what they want. We are pro-life too, but in doing so, we must examine our own lives first, before we can bring another into this world. To be truly honest and realistic about the quality of life a child that we could provide, remaining faithful to our own economic situation, our health, both mental and physical, our general disposition, whether or not we would make a good parent, whether or not it would be possible to carry the baby to term, a tenant living in your body for nine months, who would be a part of you – literally, and give that child up to strangers to raise as their own. There is much to consider, and it is never an easy decision, and to make that choice with consciousness, clarity and plenty of information is the true meaning of being pro-life. We are the pro-choice movement, and not the pro-death movement. We must consider the life that goes beyond the gestation period – the person that might be or not be. What right do we have to bring to bear more misery into the world? We cannot even bring a rubber dick into the Colombian Parliament.

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